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Dublin Holiday Apartments

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Cozy studio with pool. Cozy studio with pool.
Amenities 3 Amenities 1 Amenities 28m2

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Place for couples in central location Place for couples in central location
Amenities 2 Amenities 1 Amenities 38m2

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Tiny apartment in Dublin. For 2 people Tiny apartment in Dublin. For 2 people
Amenities 2 Amenities 1 Amenities 15m2

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Centric home. 25m2! Centric home. 25m2!
Amenities 2 Amenities 1 Amenities 25m2

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Home for 2 people. Cute! Home for 2 people. Cute!
Amenities 2 Amenities 1 Amenities 18m2

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Comfortable place in superb location. Kid friendly Comfortable place in superb location. Kid friendly
Amenities 4 Amenities 1 Amenities 55m2

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Centric place for two Centric place for two
Amenities 2 Amenities 1 Amenities 20m2

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Dublin calling! Little! Dublin calling! Little!
Amenities 3 Amenities 1 Amenities 17m2

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Petite studio in Dublin. Petite studio in Dublin.
Amenities 5 Amenities 0 Amenities 30m2

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There’s always time for one more beer…

It’s easy: sit and ask for one more Guiness. Listen to some -live- guitar tunes coming along and see the pub coming to life night after night. In the morning, wave hello to Oscar Wilde and Molly Malone (their statues, of course). Live history inside Trinity College's gardens and walls, and step away to discover the green landscape of green Ireland. Long live Saint Patrick!

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Dubliners and their charm, reason enough to fall in love with Dublin

Dublin Holiday Apartments - Holiday Lettings

Sleep... or not!

Sleep... or not!

A river divides Dublin in two halves. North and south, a compass or map to guide you and a you’re all set. North has traditionally meant working-class while the truth said, there are good areas to stay in both areas. If you dream of being near the heart of the city, Temple Bar is always a good reference. St. Stephen’s Green, the O’Connell street or the Finances area are other alternatives. You’ll have a whale of a time (and you’ll discover what that mean when in Dublin)...

Dublin is a walk on cobbled roads. Dublin means dark beer and a warm stew to recover you power. Dublin means Internet business and rugby matches. Dublin is a lovely place full of lovely people, cheap souvenirs and old stories.

 A charming day in Dublin

A charming day in Dublin

Ireland is a magic place. And it’s full of life. Green is the only colour but no the only charm of its great capital. Also the grey tints of its ancient buildings and the brownish colour of a good dark beer will warmly welcome you.

You’ll hear craic and before you get to understand what it means you’ll know it’s a good thing. Friendly people, charming talk and a sense of belonging many praise about after visiting Dublin. What else can a traveler wish for? Forget about viking times, Dublin is not about swords or helmets anymore.

What you shouldn’t miss?

A walk along St. Stephen’s Green: green, green and more

Cross Ha’pennt bridge: a real symbol of the city

A taste of Guiness: any pub will do (or its amazing Storehouse museum)

A visit to Trinity College: don’t worry about opening a book.

Say hi to icons: Molly and Oscar are there for you to see.

A drink at Temple Bar: that’s what you shouldn’t miss regarding fun.

Get away: coast or not, you choose

From the city to the rural charm

From the city to the rural charm

Green fields, breathtaking cliffs, ancient fishermen villages… Dublin has charm, but the surroundings have as much or even more. Sandycove, Kilkenny, Howth… options are overwhelming.

There’s more to Ireland...

Kilkenny: fisherman style

Moher Cliffs: sea, sky and rocks

Connemara: landscapes and history

Cork: the second biggest harbour in Ireland

Blarney and Cashel: castles on the rock

Belfast: bienvenidos al norte

Giant’s Causeway: the road for giants

Dublin is a great destination for a weekend or a full holiday. And it is also a good starting point for a tour across Ireland. By the way, it does rain in Dublin, but still far less than in the north of the country. Be positive!

The history of a city full of stories

From the legend of Molly Malone to the walls of the Trinity College, Dublin is perfect for a weekend getaway or for your summer vacation. And if you feel like traveling there before even taking a place, what about getting lost in some of the movies and books with Dublin as landscape?

Dubliners/Ulysses, by James Joyce: two of the main works by Joyce both set in Dublin.

Artemis Fowl, by Eoin Colfer: adventures filled with magic.

Sushi for beginners, by Marian Keyes: the world of publishing and books, turned into a novel.

Dublin: Foundation, by Edward Rutherfurd: a trip into the old history of Dublin.

Once: a movie about music in the streets of Dublin.

Teaching Rita: a movie based in Willy Russell’s play.

The van: burgers and vans.

Intermission: how to be a loser in Dublin.

Michael Collins: meet a key personality in the history of Ireland.