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Berlin has a personality, get to know it!

Sun rises in Berlin. Get down to the bakery and taste some fresh bread before heading the streets. Choose your checkpoint, Charlie, and start discovering highlights such as Reichstag or the Brandenburger Tor. Enjoy green, travel in time in front of the Wall and end with a cold beer in Kreuzberg. Berlin might not be the richest city in Germany, but it is surely rich when it comes to culture and free time activity. A city which stands away from some of the classic stereotypes about Germany. Berlin… here we go!

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There are cities with stories, stories with history and Berlin has both of them

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Berlin, Berlin, Berlin

Berlin, Berlin, Berlin

Once a bomb about to explode, Berlin is a center for movement, culture and arts. Spending a day in Berlin will bring you to big streets and avenues, to currywurst and döner kebab and to an island without sea where museums are the language to talk.

7 Berlin must-sees

Reichstag (Parliament): a historical building famous by its (now) crystal dome.

Brandenburg Gate: the door that once led to the city.

Unter den Linden: wander slowly in one of the most famous streets.

Museum Island: choose what to see, what you’ll need is time.

Gendarmenmarkt and AlexanderPlatz: two classic highlights in Berlin.

Tiergarten: one of the biggest parks in a city where parks are sacred.

Berlin Wall: follow the steps of recent history and visit touristy Checkpoint Charlie for a quick overview.

Meeting the soul of Berlin

Meeting the soul of Berlin

Berlin is cool! You’ll definitely hear this from locals and travelers. Berlin is different to most of German cities. Close to Poland, with a freezing winter and exotic neighbourhoods, Berlin is a favourite destination for Germans and foreign tourists. High ceilings, squatter houses turned into now symbols, bicycles all arounds… Get ready to feel like a real Berliner!

The Reichstag, Alexander Platz, the East Side Gallery or the TV Tower are just some of the city’s most famous icons. But apart from those, exhibitions, museums and great places are basically all around. Be aware: Berlin is full of startup professionals, musicians, designers and more.

Remember history in front of Berlin’s memorials or under the Brandenburg Gate, enjoy present in streets filled with burst and action and prepare to live by day and night.

Berlin is different…find out why!

Berlin is different…find out why!

Berlin is wide, full of parks and truly special. What can be a better way to discover it than choosing the city for your next weekend getaway or for a full vacation?

East on one side; west on the other side. That’s how it is: Berlin is really close to Poland and you can feel it. Could that be your next stop? Whatever your steps lead you, there are several great places to visit nearby.

Away from Berlin!

Sachsenhausen: meet what’s left of human living horror in this once a concentration camp.

Potsdam: Sanssouci palace, beautiful postcards and a place for rich people.

Dresde: welcome to Saxony’s capital city.

Wannsee: time for lakes and peaceful times.

East and west: sleep in a city once divided

Berlin was once divided. The remains of the wall is now a proof of Germany’s past (and also a universal reminder for many things). History, culture, fun… the Museum Island, the movie festival (Berlinale) or a first class symphonic orchestra are just some of the city’s power to move and create.

Different areas can be real different. Keep that in mind when you think of finding your exploration base. Mitte means staying central while Kreuzberg means -almost- little Turkey. Get ready to discovers Döner’s homeland!

If you plan to move around (you most surely are), public transportation works wonders. For a more local feel, bicycles are also a great way to go. Lately, old-school cars can also be seen and are mainly used by tourists willing to travel back in time.