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Luxury holiday rentals in Rome

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Rome luxury holiday lettings

So, you and your friends have been saving up all year for a luxury holidays in Rome. Maybe you're celebrating the end of the college term or a bachelor/bachelorette party. If you want to really immerse yourself in local culture and do it in style, you really ought to consider booking a Rome luxury self-catering apartment.

You can find Rome luxury accommodation that sleeps up to four or even more people. That brings all that luxury down to a remarkably low cost per person per night. But just how much luxury does that buy? Most units have Wi-Fi, widescreen television, air conditioning and heating as standard. You will also have your own modern, fully equipped private kitchen and, if not your own private washer and dryer, access to laundry facilities.

Rome luxury holiday rentals

The luxury self-catering apartment industry in Rome is highly competitive, so you can be sure of an immaculate standard of maintenance and only the best furnishing and decor. Whether it's a rainforest shower, a waterfall bath tap or the latest kitchen appliances, there will be something about your Rome luxury apartment that you will remember wistfully for years after you return home from your trip.

Rome luxury accommodation

Rome luxury apartments also come fully equipped with privacy and convenience! With your own kitchen, lounge and dining room, your group can paint the town in the evening and keep the party going long into the wee hours of the morning. The bar doesn't shut until the last person standing turns out the light. Because your home away from is centrally located, you won't have far to go when you finally put the town to bed and regroup at home.

Rome luxury apartments

Unlike a conventional hotel or bed and breakfast place, where you are surrounded by other tourists, your luxury self-catering apartment is situated right where 'real' Romans live. Invite your neighbors around for coffee and pump them for local info. They are sure to tell you about the best place to shop, eat and drink that won't appear in the guide books! Mixing with the natives will also give you an opportunity to put those Italian classes to good use. Whether you're traveling with friends, family or work colleagues, when you plan your next luxury holiday in Rome, don't forget to search Google for luxury holiday rentals.