Holiday rentals near Vatican City, Rome

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Holiday rentals near Vatican City, Rome

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Holiday lets near Vatican City

Vatican City, home of the Roman Catholic Pope, occupies 110 acres in the center of Rome. It houses the world's largest Catholic Church, St Paul's Basilica, and an impressive collection of artistic masterpieces, including the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo's Pieta. It's not all churches, chapels and museums, though. The city boasts a number of top coffee houses and even has its own craft beer bar. The best way to enjoy all that the area has to offer is from your own self-catering apartment near Vatican City.

Staying in a holiday rental near Vatican City offers the chance to soak up local culture like no conventional hotel or bed and breakfast accommodation near Vatican City ever could. Properties are interspersed among the dwelling places of real, live native Romans. Invite your neighbors over for a cup of coffee and pump them for the lowdown on the best places to eat, drink and shop.

Holiday rentals near Vatican City

Staying in a self-catering apartment near Vatican City has the benefits of not only privacy, convenience and spacious, well-appointed accommodation, it is also surprisingly inexpensive. Many holiday apartments near Vatican City sleep as many as six or more people. This brings the cost per person per night down to an astonishingly low level. With your own laundry facilities, widescreen television, Wi-Fi and nearby parking, a self-catering apartment near Vatican City offers value for money.

Accommodation near Vatican City

Because your self-catering apartment near Vatican City comes with its own modern, fully-equipped kitchen, you don't have to take all your meals at expensive restaurants and coffee houses. By taking some meals at your home away from home, you can save money for a swanky night or two out on the town. If you want to experiment with your own interpretations of local cuisine, you are in the perfect place to be inspired.

Holiday apartments near Vatican City

Living in walking distance of Rome's many attractions really helps you make the best use of your time. Some of those chapels, cupolas and Vatican museums are huge, and spending a day walking around to fully appreciate them can wear you out. You can stroll your heart out, pop 'home' and put your feet up in your holiday rental near Vatican City for a quick snack and a nap, then doll yourself up to dance the night away at Qube Disco or Circolo degli Artisti.