Holiday rentals in Trastevere, Rome

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Holiday rentals in Trastevere, Rome

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Holiday lets in Trastevere

When you and your friends, colleagues or family are traveling to Rome for business or pleasure, you could do a lot worse than stay in a self-catering apartment in Trastevere. Located south of Vatican City on the west bank of the Tiber river, you can completely immerse yourselves in local culture in this maze of narrow cobbled streets lined by ancient houses. Make friends with your neighbors, and you are sure to get the lowdown on the best shops, restaurants and pubs not found in the guide books.

Holiday apartments in Trastevere are fast replacing conventional hotels and B&Bs as the preferred form of accommodation. Fully equipped and maintained to a high standard, your home way from home will be loaded with features and amenities. You will enjoy Wi-fi, wide screen television and the convenience of your own private washer and drier. Whether it is a piece of artwork, that luxurious waterfall bath tap or an intriguing decorative feature, there will be something about your holiday rental in Trastevere that you will look back on and treasure for the rest of your life. Save money on car hire, taxis, laundry and restaurants.

Holiday rentals in Trastevere

A lot of people don't realize that they can actually save money while enjoying enviable levels of privacy, luxury and convenience. Some holiday apartments sleep as many as six, 10 or even 18 people, bringing the cost per person per night down to an astonishing level. Dine in on the finest Italian breads, cheeses and wines and still save money!

Accommodation in Trastevere

Visiting Rome on business? Impress clients by hosting a lavish dinner in your own dining room. Bribe a local chef to prepare the meal and seal the deal. When the help has tidied up and gone home, you and your associates can discuss the fine points of negotiation in total privacy over coffee and dessert.

Holiday apartments in Trastevere

A lot of the holiday lettings in Trastevere are typical homes of local people who have pets and children. Many property owners are therefore amenable to your bringing your own family and fur babies to stay with you. Imagine the peace of mind having your family pet under the same roof while you are also saving expensive kennel fees. Worried about what the teens get up to when you're away? Bring 'em along! Instead of booking a sterile, featureless hotel room for your next trip, Google holiday lettings in Trastevere instead.