Holiday rentals near Piazza di Spagna, Rome

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Holiday rentals near Piazza di Spagna, Rome

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Holiday lets near Piazza di Spagna


Piazza di Spagna in the center of Rome is only a short hop across the Tiber River from Vatican City. The piazza itself has an irregular shape and features Bernini's Fontana della Barcacci. At the center of the fountain is a sculpture of a boat, commemorating an incident in 1598, when the Tiber River flooded and dumped an actual boat right on the square. Staying in your own self-catering apartment near Piazza di Spagna provides the perfect springboard from which to admire the fountain, along with all the other sights around the square and throughout the center of Rome.

Holiday rentals near Piazza di Spagna are a welcome alternative to traditional hotels and B&Bs for people traveling as a family or a group of friends or business colleagues. Each unit has its own fully equipped, modern kitchen with its own fridge, stove, oven, microwave, toaster, etc. Kids can be fussy eaters at the best of times, but when faced with strange-looking plates of food in a foreign land, they can create quite a scene in a cafe or restaurant. Here in your private kitchen, you can prepare something they will recognize and enjoy.

Holiday rentals near Piazza di Spagna

When you've gone to all the trouble of going to a place like Rome, with its breathtaking culture and scenery, you don't want to squirrel yourself away in a chain hotel room that looks like any other room in any other city in the world. Dwelling amongst the natives who live and work near Piazza di Spagna, you get to really soak up the atmosphere. Invite the neighbors around your holiday apartment over for coffee and pick their brains for tips on the best places to eat, shop and drink. You can be sure they will tell you about hidden gems that don't appear in the guide books!

Accommodation near Piazza di Spagna

Not only will your self-catering apartment near Piazza di Spagna have its own kitchen and dining facilities, you will have your own widescreen television, DVD player, Wi-Fi and laundry facilities. Your accommodation will have a homey feeling, so when you don't feel like traipsing around the many wonderful sights, you can relax in a comfortable environment. You just don't get that in a conventional hotel room.

Holiday apartments near Piazza di Spagna

Booking a holiday rental near Piazza Di Spagna offers cost savings, privacy, comfort and convenience. The industry is hugely competitive, so your accommodation is sure to be furnished, decorated and maintained to a very high standard. You will want to book your next self-catering apartment near Piazza di Spagna right away!