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Holiday rentals near Colosseum, Rome

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Holiday lets near Colosseum

Rome's Colosseum, the largest amphitheatre ever constructed, is one of the best known landmarks in the world, as well as in Italy. Once used for contests between gladiators and grand theatrical spectacles, performed before an audience of more than 50,000 people, today it is one of the most significant historic buildings still standing. When you book holiday rentals near Colosseum, you know you will be staying right in the heart of this ancient city, with unrivalled access to its many treasures.

In and around the Colosseum

The Colosseum is an understandably popular tourist attraction. Choosing accommodation near Colosseum lets you visit in the early morning or late evening, when things are quieter. You will also be close to other ancient sites, including the Arch of Constantine and the Palatine Hill with its Roman ruins. The nearby Capitoline Hill is the home of the Capitoline Museums, where you will find art and sculpture from the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman periods. Hire a scooter and you can get around the city quickly and conveniently, as well as enjoying an authentic Italian experience, before parking right outside the door of your accommodation near Colosseum.

Dining and entertainment

Rome has a busy nightlife scene, with restaurants, bars and clubs open into the early hours, and music venues offering everything from classical composers to heavy metal. Enjoy traditional or modern Roman cuisine, a blend of classic Italian tastes and global influences. If you're on the move, grab a tasty panini or pizza slice. With holiday apartments near Colosseum, you can retire for a nap during the midday heat to prepare yourself for an evening out, make sandwiches to take with you, or cook and eat a meal before heading out into the streets.

Choosing holiday apartments near Colosseum

For couples or friends, accommodation near Colosseum can place you right in the middle of the action, with just a short walk back after your adventures. Even at the very centre of this bustling city, there are quieter areas. Picking a calmer spot for holiday lettings near Colosseum can give you a welcome break from the crowds, especially if you are travelling with children. Kids will also appreciate a holiday home with a park or playground nearby. Many holiday rentals near Colosseum offer great views of the city, too.