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Rio de Janeiro Holiday Apartments

Holiday rentals from 41€/night

Rio de Janeiro from your window! Good choice for 1 person
Amenities 1 Amenities 1 Amenities 14m2

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Apartment with terrace with air-con.
Amenities 2 Amenities 1 Amenities 35m2

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Cozy apartment. Rio de Janeiro calling!
Amenities 1 Amenities 1 Amenities 15m2

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Two bedrooms home. Ideal!.
Amenities 5 Amenities 2 Amenities 75m2

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Family place. 220m2!
Amenities 12 Amenities 5 Amenities 220m2

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2 bedrooms home in Rio de Janeiro.
Amenities 4 Amenities 2 Amenities 75m2

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Stay cool: air apartment in Rio de Janeiro with internet.
Amenities 8 Amenities 1 Amenities 180m2

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Cozy home in Rio de Janeiro. 45m2!
Amenities 4 Amenities 1 Amenities 45m2

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Home with terrace. Air-con!
Amenities 2 Amenities 1 Amenities 10m2

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Olympic spirit, Brazilian heart

Samba di Janeiro… or maybe some other stuff as well. It might be true that most of the facts we think if when we hear about Brazil are out in the streets of Rio. But Rio has become one of South America top destinations for more than those. From Sugarloaf Mountain (please do not eat) to Christ the Redeemer in Corcovado, Rio is your ticket to beach and jogo bonito.

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Rio is not just about beach and samba moves

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Tastes like good churrasco

Tastes like good churrasco

Fill your belly with a classic feijoada, gain some weight trying a good churrasco and wet your lips tasting a fantastic caipirinha or a rehydrating sip of coconut milk. Rio means Brazilian food… and that’s good news.

10 flavours you should taste in Rio de Janeiro

Feijoada: a true classic, loved by any Brazilian.

Churrasco: don’t you try to leave Brazil without entering a rodizio churrascaría (unless you are a vegetarian, of course).

Moqueca: a tasty fishy recipe.

Tapoas: that’s the Brazilian version of tapas.

Pasteis: sweet or sour? You choose!

Jugos (juices): you could have a different taste of them every day.

Coconut: ask your doctor and be ready to hear how good its water is.

Beer: colder than anywhere!

Caipirinha: if you drink it back home, you better try the real one in Rio.

Milho com mantequilla and tapioca salada: if you are into street-food, these are the classic ones.

From Copacabana to Ipanema

From Copacabana to Ipanema

Rio de Janeiro is a champion city. One of the most visited destinations in South America, Rio de Janeiro is home to millions, and love to even more visitors. There’s lots to talk about in Rio, but some are just a must if you ever step there. Ready?

Rio’s 10 highlights

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas: good views, salty water, peace and calm..

Ipanema: one of the most famous beaches in the whole world, for a (series of) reasons...

Copacabana: when you hear Copacabana, you think of sand and sea, or you should!

Parque Lage: below Corcovado hill, plants and gardens welcome you.

Christ the Redeemer: this one surely sees everything as it stands on top of Corcovado mountain. Climb and see.

Santa Teresa: if there’s a place for artists in Rio, let Santa Teresa be it.

Sugarloaf Mountain: the place to be and see the most famous views from Rio.

Maracaná: there’s few sports venues in the world which can beat Maracana as per history. And it’s not just about the famous maracanazo...

Museum of modern art: sun, beach and caipirinhas are not all you need to experience. If you find a while, fill your soul and eyes with one of the best museums in town.

Tijuca: a National Park to escape and get to know the real nature around Rio.

Contrasts everywhere

Contrasts everywhere

Who wouldn’t have a bite of Rio? Well, there’s more to eat than the beach: meat in Brazil is almost a religion and Rio is a great place to discover the elixir which gives strength to some of the best footballers in the world.

Río and Brazil mean contrast. From top-notch luxury to the poorest neighborhoods, Rio means passion and mixed emotions. Get ready for an information overdose. Prepare your eyes, your head and your camera.

Wake up and feel the sun on your face. Move your feet to Copacabana and enjoy sea and sand. Have something to cool you off and fill your stomach in a typical churrascaria. Corcovado, the sea, Maracana… Who needs more than that?

Playing Pelé

A whole day laying on the beach and having caipirinhas. It doesn’t sound bad at all! Well, a little maybe, as Rio has lots and lots to offer. And to do!

7 things you need to do when in Rio de Janeiro

Play Ronaldinho: You will never have the skills, but you can pretend you are one of those big players enjoying football on the sand.

Take your own Rio panorama: Go up the Sugarloaf Mountain and take your best shot.

Feel Maracana: Find your ticket and enjoy real football and a real football temple.

Climb stairs: It’s good for your body and also a great way to discover Selarón, a truly special place in the city.

Avoid tricky spots: Favelas are dangerous, and that’s not a legend. If you want to see the other face of Rio, make sure you’re well assessed.

Dance samba (or watch it at least): Sambódromo is not for all tastes, but it’s surely one of Carnival’s wonders.

Get tanned: Don’t you dare to come back from Rio with some colour.