Holiday rentals near Louvre, Paris

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Holiday rentals near Louvre, Paris

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Holiday lets near the Louvre

Hailed by many as the most beautiful city in the world, Paris is one that should be on everyone's travel buck list. Few cities are so effortlessly charming like the French capital, and it is one of the few European cities that has managed to hold on to it's old, classic feel without over modernizing itself. One thing is for sure, with all of the sights to visit, it's impossible to get bored on holiday in Paris. It is, however, infamously expensive. A simple croissant - and everyone knows you can't go to Paris without eating at least two - and coffee can set you back 8 euros, so you can about imagine how much a night in a central hotel is. That's why looking for holiday rentals near the Louvre, one of the most famous and central sights in the city, is a good way of saving some money and making your stay a little more comfortable.

Paris has an incredible metro that you will have to utilize without doubt at least a few times during your stay. There are plenty of European cities that are walk able and it doesn't take long to get from one end to the other, but don't be mistaken. Paris certainly isn't one of them. It is enormous, and no amount of time ever feels enough to cover all of it. It's a good idea to take note of the sights you want to see and where each one is, and plan your days around them.

The Eiffel Tower, Notre Damn, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Moulin Rouge, Pantheon...these are some of the must see sights that make Paris one of the most rewarding and stimulating cities in the world. Add to the list the many museums, parks, churches and, of course, Disneyland Paris (worth a one day trip on the train), and you have a pretty jam packed schedule in your hands.

Booking accommodation near the Louvre makes for a perfect central spot to explore this beautiful city every day, and makes it easier to cover more of Paris on foot and beat the queues to see the Mona Lisa first thing in the morning. Located near the river and surrounded by green parks, all the very best of Paris is on your doorstep, as well as endless restaurants and cafes, metro stops and souvenir shops.