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Cheap holiday rentals in Paris

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Discover Paris, the City of Love, when staying in a cheap self-catering apartment, the ideal way to get to know the city if you are on a limited budget. Paris is a city of eternal romance, associated with lovers and bohemian penniless artists in garrets - it is certainly possible to have a wonderful time when staying in cheap accommodation. Paris is divided into districts known as arrondissements, and the cheaper districts tend to be on the outskirts of the city - in the banlieues. However, there are many fantastic bargains to be had, especially when you use the Apartum price comparison website.

Have a fantastic time with Paris holiday lettings deals

Of course, there are many expensive and luxurious hotels and apartments in Paris, but holiday accommodation is available to suit all budgets. Saving money with a cheap holiday rental means that you will have more money left to spend on sightseeing and exploring Paris, whether you are on a family holiday or a solitary traveller. There are also plenty of activities and days out that are completely free. Did you know, for example, that on one Sunday each month the city's major museums open their doors for free? Paris is a wonderful city to explore on foot with many beautiful parks and gardens. The Forêt de Montmorency, for example, on the outskirts of the city is one of Paris largest green spaces and ideal if you want to escape the tourist trail and venture off the beaten path. At the end of the day, returning to your cheap holiday rental is a chance to unwind and relax in privacy and look forward to the next day's adventures.

Cheap accommodation for your Parisian base

When staying in Paris, you need an apartment that is well-equipped, clean and within easy reach of the capital's major attractions. One of the benefits of staying in a holiday rental is that you can do as you please - you can either cook your own meals and enjoy them in your home from home or eat out. Paris is famed for being the culinary capital of the world and there is no shortage of delicious places to eat - again you can choose to dine in cheap but hugely atmospheric bistros or gourmet Michelin-starred restaurants. When staying in Paris in a cheap self-catering apartment, the world is your oyster!