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Budapest Holiday Apartments

Holiday rentals from 21€/night

Child friendly apartment with heating
Amenities 4 Amenities 1 Amenities 38m2

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1 bedroom apartment in Budapest. Kid friendly home!
Amenities 2 Amenities 1 Amenities 36m2

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Petite place for 2 people. Pets allowed
Amenities 2 Amenities 1 Amenities 15m2

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Apartment with internet. Large, best location
Amenities 4 Amenities 1 Amenities 60m2

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Small home with wifi.
Amenities 3 Amenities 1 Amenities 35m2

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Perfect 1 bedroom apartment with heating
Amenities 6 Amenities 1 Amenities 57m2

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Place with three rooms and terrace
Amenities 6 Amenities 3 Amenities 100m2

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Apartment with wifi. Best location!
Amenities 2 Amenities 1 Amenities 38m2

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Apartment with wifi. Totally downtown
Amenities 6 Amenities 1 Amenities 65m2

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A tale of old beauty in a city of spas

Start the day in Buda. End it in Pest. Or the other way around… Budapest is two cities in one, and one of Europe’s pearls. City of water, the Danube flows under beautiful bridges. And warm waters heal and relax locals and visitors in some of the best spas in the continent. Travel to a glorious past in a classic destination. Your pockets will also love it, as Budapest is far from London or Paris as per prices.

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Diving in ancient spas while dreaming of paprika

Budapest Holiday Apartments - Holiday Lettings

Sleep in Buda or in Pest? That’s Budapest!

Sleep in Buda or in Pest? That’s Budapest!

¿Buda or Pest? You’ll probably end up sleeping in Pest, as most of the attractions are in that area of the city.

You should keep this in minds when looking for accommodation in Budapest: Buda is where the castle shows, while Pest on the opposite bank of the river. If we are talking about downtown, Pest would be more it. Check on time, but there’s plenty and diverse types of accommodation to choose from.

Andrássy út, the most popular street in town, the castle hill, the biggest synagogue in Europe… there’s lots to choose from in Budapest! Whatever you came to do, don’t forget to walk over the Chain Bridge. The Parliament, the Fisherman’s Bastion or the city famous nightlife are just some of the reasons that should make you get your ticket.

Relax, goulash and hungarian attitude

Relax, goulash and hungarian attitude

Wake up next to the heroes that name its main square. Listen to the oldest subway in Europe. Step into some of the city cafeterias and walk the Danube riverside. Cross a bridge and you are in Buda. Go back to Pest and enjoy a compulsory goulash together with the famous wine from Eger. A great afternoon would start bathing in the waters of Széchenyi or Gellert spas… ancient pleasures, modern fun.

Budapest is full of history and art memories. Great photographers, shadows of a bigger past and buildings inspiring stories… Budapest is a European must-see capital, and reasons abound. Which ones? Here, some!

Where to go?

Buda Castle Hill: a majestic location in the city.

Museum of Fine Arts: culture lovers, here you go!

National Museum: treasures all around.

Parliament Building: a city icon.

Danube: a cruise, a walk, you choose.

Heroes’ Square: historic setting in the middle of the city.

Andrássy út: THE street.

Bridges and spas: can’t miss them!

Budapest and beyond!

Budapest and beyond!

Hungary lived better days. Decadence shows but still keeps a proud picture of what the city used to be. Also, Budapest and Hungary are members of the cheap top destinations club in Europe so… don’t you miss the chance!

Budapest is the Pearl of the Danube. You’ll get there and you’ll be leaving on your way to the Balaton lake or lovely villages like Szentendre or Esztergom. There’s life outside the capital! That said, it’s true though that leaving the waters of your chosen spa will be complicated.

If you have plans on following your trip around Europe, Budapest is a good checking point before continuing to Austria, Slovakia or Czech Republic. European capitals are a classic for travelers, and reasons can’t be counted with just one hand.

A taste of Budapest

Budapest is a sunset on a cruise over the Danube… and a glass of Eger wine. Budapest is walking on cobbled streets, and a memorial museum full of communist memories. Budapest is its local restaurants and artists giving it all.

Thermal waters, a lively food market… you’ll surely be hungry. If that’s the case, don’t forget to try these local delicacies:

Budapest: essential food

Goulash: a true classic of hungarian cuisine.

Meglevesh: what about a soup for starters?

Paprika chicken: the most famous chicken in town.

Lángosh: fast food, hungarian style.

Jalaslé: fish soup, featuring paprika.

Palacsinta: desserts, oh desserts!

Pálinka: there’s always a local drink...