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Brussels Holiday Apartments

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Home for two in amazing location Home for two in amazing location
Amenities 2 Amenities 1 Amenities 25m2

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Good choice 1 bedroom apartment. Internet!. Good choice 1 bedroom apartment. Internet!.
Amenities 2 Amenities 1 Amenities 30m2

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Convenient home. Dogs allowed! Convenient home. Dogs allowed!
Amenities 2 Amenities 1 Amenities 15m2

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Small studio for couples Small studio for couples
Amenities 2 Amenities 1 Amenities 14m2

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Place with wifi for 2 people Place with wifi for 2 people
Amenities 2 Amenities 1 Amenities 15m2

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Home in Brussels. 23m2! Home in Brussels. 23m2!
Amenities 3 Amenities 1 Amenities 23m2

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Dog friendly in Brussels. Dog friendly in Brussels.
Amenities 4 Amenities 1 Amenities 50m2

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Child friendly place in Brussels. Terrace! Child friendly place in Brussels. Terrace!
Amenities 4 Amenities 1 Amenities 42m2

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Downtown home with heat Downtown home with heat
Amenities 1 Amenities 1 Amenities 8m2

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Smile, you are in Brussels!

Europe, chocolate and pommes frites. Some of the identity signs you will surely remember after visiting Brussels. A place to go for politicians and professionals, Brussels is not just about ties and suits. Brussels means also ethnic restaurants, never-ending beer menus and a small boy who needs to pee… Welcome to old and modern Brussels!

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A truly international city where ties mix with tradition

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Searching for Tintin

Searching for Tintin

Brussels is not famous only because of Brussels sprouts. Brussels is the Jubelpark and the treasures hidden in many corners. The Atomium, the European Parliament, Tintin and Gaston… Brussels is not just about the small Mannekin Pis and the sugary smell of waffles. Different faces and cultures mix in an evolving city.

Brussels is more than Grand Place and surroundings. Staying here or there will influence your experience in Brussels and it is not always easy to find a cheap place. If you need some tips on where to stay, here you have some:

Brussel’s neighbourhood guide

Center: shops, restaurants and Grand Place are the actors within the Medieval area. If you want to be close to everything, that’s your spot.

Ixelles: Avenue Louise leads the path around Ixelles and Saint Gilles. South from central Brussels, the area is filled with shops.

European area: skyscrapers and modern construction are the identity of a newly built neighbourhood.

Saint-Josse-ten-Noode: Turkish spirit in the northern side of Brussels.

Anderlecht: good communications, once home to Erasmus.

Europe from its heart!

Europe from its heart!

Wake up and see the city like Magritte did. Visit a museum and find yourself surrounded by politicians in the European quarter. Hungry? Easy! Mussels and fries (better learn pommes frites). A good bear and you’re all set to play Tintin around the city streets…

When the evening comes, a walk under the beautiful rain towards the Grand Place. Because it is true it does rain in Brussels. But it’s also true that some great local chocolate will make you forget about your wet shoes. And umbrella might help too!

7 wonders in Brussels

A beer in a beer temple: Delirium Tremens is for sure one of the most popular options around. And for many reasons (meaning beers).

Feel european: the European institutions are not just a working place but an interesting attraction themselves. Wanna know where decisions are made?

Eat mussels: and pommes frites, can’t miss that one!

Say hi to Mannekin Pis: a true symbol of the city. Not big and not polite, but a must.

Chocolate, waffles and choco: sweet sweet taste for your tongue to remember Brussels.

Grand Big Place: there’s one central spot, let there be Grand Place.

Escape! Gant, Bruges or Anvers, three great choices filled with charm.

Dreamland is two steps away

Dreamland is two steps away

Are you done with Brussels? The city has lots to offer, but there's also a great selection around if you find time for it. Close by, Bruges, Gent or Antwerp are some of the options (not all of them).

Escape from Brussels

Bruges: a fairytale town near the capital. They call it Venice from the North and truth is there’s reasons to it.

Gent: a city full of history, home to the famous Van Eyck brothers and their paintings.

Antwerp: medieval and baroque, a perfect destination even for a half day trip.

Luxembourg: a new country just few steps away.

Amsterdam: one day might not be enough, but is a great escape if you find the time.

Mussels, Brussels and kots

If you are looking for typical food, mussels be it. If you are looking for traditional buildings, kots is what we are talking about. Not too high, their facades are part of Brussels’ DNA. Search for them and explore Anderlecht, Saint Gilles or De Boruckère…

From Grand Place to the Saint Nicholas Church, multicultural areas and all kinds of beer wait for visitors. And if you are into green, parks are one of city’s landscape icons.

Green areas in Brussels

Parc du Cinquantenaire: green grass next to Arc du Triomphe.

Parc Léopold: calm behind the European Parliament.

Bois de la Cambre: nice walks, especially on weekends.

Parc de la Woluwe: hilly and green.

Laeken Palace: visit the Atomium and have some fresh air.