Holiday rentals near Royal Palace, Amsterdam

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Holiday rentals near Royal Palace, Amsterdam

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Why Choose Holiday Rentals near the Royal Palace?

Amsterdam is a beautiful city, thronged with waterways and canals. Experience Amsterdam like a tourist by exploring the beautiful city, but live it like a native with holiday lettings near the Royal Palace!

Living in Amsterdam in holiday apartments near the Royal Palace means that you will have to find supermarkets and corner stores in order to buy your groceries and household items. This will give you a fascinating glimpse into how locals live and shop, a glimpse that you would not get from a hotel or other catered accommodation! You can also choose exactly what you would like to eat and make it the way you like. Your very own accommodation near the Royal Palace also means that you can be comfortable when at leisure, and not have to dress for dinner as you do in a hotel!

Things to Do and See from Holiday Apartments near the Royal Palace

Living so close to the Royal Palace, it is a great idea to go and visit it! It was originally designed as a town hall and is still a public building. You can try one of the many restaurants that crowd the area – perhaps even use Walk and Dine, a combination walking tour/ restaurant visit! – or pop home to your holiday lettings near the Royal Palace to make your food the way you like it, and for less money too!

Not native to the Netherlands, but great fun to visit is Ripley's Believe It Or Not, just a short hop away from the Royal Palace. You can spend the whole day exploring the weird and wonderful exhibits when your home away from home, your holiday rentals near the Royal Palace, is so close to the action!

Great Nightlife Enhanced by Accommodation Near the Royal Palace

Café Belgique is just one of the fabulous night-clubs in the area. Staying so close to the action means that you see all the comings and goings from your holiday apartments near the Royal Palace and follow the action to the hottest club in town.

No matter the reason for your visit to Amsterdam – be it leisure, business, or tourism – you will enjoy the beautiful city with its choice of water transport, road transport or lengthy healthy walks. You pleasure will be enhanced by having a home of your own, in the form of your holiday lettings near the Royal Palace.