Holiday rentals near Red Light District, Amsterdam

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Holiday rentals near Red Light District, Amsterdam

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Holiday Rentals Near the Red Light District for Immersive Experience

The word Amsterdam conjures up different images according to who is talking: for family-friendly holidays, tulips, windmills, canals and bicycles spring to mind. For more mature visitors, especially people on stag or hen weekends, judgement-free sex, cannabis, and coffee is more the idea. Amsterdam's red light district, known locally as De Wallen, has cleaned itself up in recent years, but is still a thriving centre of fleshly pleasures. What better way to soak in the friendly atmosphere than by investing in holiday lettings near the red light district?

De Wallen rocks around the clock, and you will not want to leave the party! Taking accommodation near the red light district means that you can party until you are ready to drop, then pop home for a nap – and then be ready to go again! You do not have to partake of any of the – ahem – activities on offer if you do not want to: a great many visitors simply wander around, seeing and marvelling at what is on offer.

Attractions to Visit from your Holiday Apartments near the Red Light District

Keep your eyes peeled for the Erotic Museum, an establishment featuring exhibits like some of John Lennon's drawings and a bicycle-powered dildo. The Museum occasionally has special exhibitions which can be very stimulating indeed!

The Prostitute Information Centre gives visitors an inside look at what it is like to be a working girl, including a workshop during which you can dress up to see how you might look in such a career.

If all the relentless press of flesh and sexual freedom become overwhelming, there is, rising above the red light district like a lighthouse of salvation, Oude Kerk (Old Church), a tranquil oasis of calm and serenity. However, even the church has some surprises – look for the rather graphic carvings on some of the benches, and also watch out for mentions of some of the old Masters. For example, Rembrandt's wife is interred in the church.

For those interested in marijuana, there is the Cannabis College, a bijou establishment designed to education the public about the benefits and legal uses of the weed. It is free to enter, but the volunteers who run it do ask for a donation from visitors.

With so much to do and see in Amsterdam, it seems logical to stay in holiday lettings near the red light district. Living in the heart of the area will show you how the whole community works together to attract visitors and keep everybody happy.