Holiday rentals near Leidseplein, Amsterdam

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Holiday rentals near Leidseplein, Amsterdam

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Holiday rentals near Leidseplein, Amsterdam

While Amsterdam may put you in mind of the red-light district and all the temptations that the area has to offer, there is so much more to the city than sex, coffee and cannabis. Taking holiday lettings near Leidseplein will bring you to the cosmopolitan heart of Amsterdam, central to many attractions, and perfectly poised to explore the wider city.

Holiday Rentals near Leidseplein Bring You Close to the Action

The square was originally designed as a place for horses and carriages to be parked. These days the wonderful open space makes an excellent display area for dancers and acrobats, who perform for the entertainment of those seated at the many restaurants and cafés that proliferate in the square. Staying in accommodation near Leidseplein means that you can choose a new café for breakfast every day, or make your own, in the comfort of your holiday rentals near Leidseplein: whichever you prefer!

Other Activities to Try from Your Holiday Apartments near Leidseplein

Music venues abound, with Melkweg and Paradiso being two of the better-known hotspots. Visit there in the evening and enjoy a drink or two, superb entertainment, and then a short walk back to your holiday lettings near Leidseplein, making the most of living in this fabulous area for your holiday!

The Anne Frank Museum is a ten-minute bus ride or a brisk eighteen-minute walk away from the square, so you can breakfast close to your holiday rentals near Leidseplein, then stroll to the museum. Afterwards, marvel at the huge concentric canals with their myriad bridges as you work your way back home to your accommodation near Leidseplein.

Can I Tour From My Holiday Apartments near Leidseplein?

Yes! Purchase a ticket for a 'hop-on-hop-off' tour that is included in a special ticket for the Rijksmuseum – the Netherland's National Museum. The tour spirals around the canals, passing close to all the sights and activities that Amsterdam has to offer, and you can jump on and off as you like, returning often to your holiday lettings near Leidseplein to enjoy the comforts of home – so much better than a hotel! – before heading out again.

The Rijksmuseum is well worth a visit too, with over eight thousand exhibits on display, including some of the finest works of the Old Masters.

There are many reasons to take holiday apartments near Leidseplein – from convenience, economy and fascination! Living in the area means you can enjoy the tourist highlights and see how the locals live: enjoying the best of both worlds!