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The capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam, is a dream city for those who love architecture, canals, cycling, history and alternative culture. With its canals, delightful parks and colourful houses, picturesque Amsterdam feels more like an old town than a modern city. It is this mixture of old with the new that has made it such a hot spot for tourists in Europe, and over the years it has become very expensive and high end. Don't worry, though, it is still possible to plan a holiday in the city on a budget, and a search for Amsterdam holiday lettings deals brings up a great selection of places to stay, with prices and apartments to suit everyone's needs. Those traveling as a couple will find incredible deals on studios and one bed apartments in Amsterdam that work out cheaper than just a bed in a central hotel. All studios and apartments boast fully equipped kitchens and living areas, giving you all the comfort and freedom you could want during your stay. With your own kitchen, you can save money preparing your own food whenever you feel like it, and you won't have to go out in search of an overpriced breakfast in the morning. Many apartments even have coffee making facilities! The best thing about renting is you are afforded maximum privacy and quiet to really make the most of your romantic getaway. Access to a fully equipped kitchen in your holiday rental gives you the chance to live like a local and sample local produce and food in the supermarket that you may never have tried before. You also have cold drinks available whenever you want, without paying the extortionate mini bar prices in a hotel. If you are visiting Amsterdam as a family, booking one of the man Amsterdam cheap holiday apartments available is a real no-brainer. You will save real big money choosing a 2 or 3 bed apartment instead of having to pay for 3 different hotel rooms, and staying in accommodation with all the commodities will really make you feel at home. Holiday rentals are the best way to enjoy rare free time together as a family and socialize together instead of retreating to individual hotel rooms at the end of the day. Holiday rentals have communal living rooms where you can eat, watch TV, play games or just hang out together after a busy day of sightseeing.