Holiday rentals in City of London, London

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Holiday rentals in City of London, London

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Holiday lets in the City of London

The City of London, known affectionately as "The Square Mile," is not only London's financial, legal and business center, but a major global center of commerce as well. In 2008, London found itself at the top of Mastercard's Worldwide Centers of Commerce Index.

The next time you're organizing accommodation for clients or business colleagues, why not consider booking one of the high quality holiday apartments in the City of London? Furnished and decorated according to local ambiance, serviced apartments offer occupants the opportunity to become immersed in local culture and live like real Londoners. On a per person basis, holiday rentals in the City of London are incredibly cost-efficient.

Holiday rentals in the City of London

Holiday rentals in the City of London have so many advantages over conventional hotels. They offer so much more privacy and freedom. Guests can finalize details for that important meeting over coffee and breakfast in their own fully equipped, private kitchen, away from prying eyes and ears. After work, the team can compete with each other to see who can make the most authentic eel pie and traditional green liquor (a nonalcoholic East London delicacy). On another evening, they can book a private chef to prepare a special meal to dazzle and impress those important clients.

Accommodation in the City of London

After the business is done, the Square Mile has local attractions like the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, Barbican Center and Borough Market. Fancy going further afield? Holiday lets in the City of London are located within walking distance of convenient transport links to the West End and beyond. Holiday apartments in the Cit of London are furnished and decorated to an extremely high standard. Long after they've gone home, guests will remember that luxurious waterfall bath tap or the fantastic view of Tower Bridge outside their private living room.

Holiday apartments in the City of London

Holiday rentals in the City of London offer the business traveler a home away from home. Every imaginable amenity is right on the doorstep. Nobody needs a car in London, but many rentals have convenient parking. Guests have complete privacy and freedom to come and go as they please, 24 hours a day. There are no screaming kids to contend with, unless, of course, they choose to bring their own!