Holiday rentals near Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona

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Holiday rentals near Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona

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Holiday lets near Plaça de Catalunya

Plaça de Catalunya, or Catalonia Square, is a grand plaza located in the center of Barcelona in Spain. With so much to see and do, Barcelona is a great place to bring the kids for a family holiday. There are dragon-spotting tours in the Old Quarter, hop-on, hop-off bus rides, the Gaudi Architecture Tour and Mosaic Workshop and dozens of other family-oriented activities. Read this article to discover why staying in a self-catering apartment in Plaça de Catalunya is the best way to bring the family to Barcelona.

Young children are nothing if not patient, said no parent, ever! With seemingly boundless energy, they can run around and demolish a conventional hotel room in nothing flat, to the frustration of their parents, not to mention adult guests on the other sides of paper-thin walls. A holiday rental near Plaça de Catalunya offers plenty of space and opportunities to keep them entertained without even having to be in the same room with them. There are widescreen televisions, DVDs, internet access and the occasional swimming pool. Some holiday lettings near Plaça de Catalunya even allow pets.

Holiday rentals near Plaça de Catalunya

Accommodation near Plaça de Catalunya also comes equipped with something else you don't find in an ordinary hotel or bed and breakfast, and that is neighborhood children. Holiday rentals around Catalonia Square are situated right next to the homes of ordinary residents who live and work in and around the city. Invite the kids over to watch television or craft stuff around the kitchen table. It's amazing how language barriers disappear when kids are together!

Accommodation near Plaça de Catalunya

Having local kids around can be a good influence on your own children when it comes to encouraging them to be adventurous about sampling local cuisine. While you're waiting for that particular miracle to take place, you have the fall-back position of being able to prepare the kinds of meals they are more accustomed to in your holiday apartment's private, modern and fully-equipped kitchen. This is also where you can pour a glass or two of Spanish wine to enjoy with the parents of the neighborhood children, either in your private lounge or on the balcony or veranda.

Holiday apartments near Plaça de Catalunya

You must be thinking that all this privacy and convenience comes at a price. It does, but a pleasantly affordable one. Many of these holiday rentals near Catalonia Square sleep up to six or even 12 people, which brings the cost per person per night down to an astonishingly affordable level. Before you leave your self-catering apartment near Plaça de Catalunya, don't be surprised if you are tempted to log onto that free Wi-Fi to book your next one!