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Holiday rentals near Las Ramblas, Barcelona

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Holiday lets near Las Ramblas

Many historic cities have places like this: small winding streets that are hangovers from the times before city planning formed regimented blocks and avenues. Barcelona's equivalent is Las Ramblas, the city's old 'town square' and this vibrant and bustling area is the perfect place to hire holiday apartments near Las Ramblas.

Start your day by heading out from your accommodation near Las Ramblas and go for a long stroll exploring not only the length of Las Ramblas, but the intriguing side streets and alleys too. Mature visitors might be fascinated by the Museu de l'Erotica which offers a look at the history of sex in Barcelona, and features a number of unique exhibits along the same theme.

Rent a Bike and Go Further

If you want to see a bit more of the city without walking for miles and miles, why not hop on a bike and relive your childhood? There is a bike hire stall right in Las Ramblas itself so you breakfast in your self-catering apartment near Las Ramblas and be on your way with no delays. Set your sights on the magnificent Sagrada Familia which is just a few miles away – about fifteen or twenty minutes' gentle cycle away.

Immerse Yourself in the Culture

Much of the entertainment along Las Ramblas is aimed at tourists, which is not a bad thing. Enjoy performances and amusements while strolling the leafy lanes, or visit the Liceu Theatre for a taste of authentic Barcelona artistry. The Liceu is popular with tourists and locals alike, so make the most of it and even dress up for the occasion: easy to do when your holiday apartment is just a short stroll away.

Watch Your Footing!

No matter whether you are simply looking for bargains and souvenirs for your loved ones, looking for somewhere to enjoy a leisurely meal, or even just taking in the views and the architecture, make sure you keep looking down. Las Ramblas is paved with mosaics and murals designed and installed by artists of great renown.

Whatever your reason for visiting Barcelona – business, leisure or anything in between, using holiday rentals near Las Ramblas is a great way to centre yourself in this beautiful and historic city. Spend all your time experiencing the city, do not waste it with lengthy commutes!