Holiday rentals in El Gotic, Barcelona

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Holiday rentals in El Gotic, Barcelona

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Holiday lets in El Gotic

When traveling in a family or a group of friends or coworkers, holiday rentals in El Gotic have many advantages over traditional hotels or bed and breakfast places. The cost per person per night is lower, they are more spacious and they offer more privacy and convenience. But how do they rate for seniors or individuals with mobility issues?

The Gothic quarter is within easy walking distance of the wharf, museums, theatres, parks and a whole world of eateries and other attractions. Your self-catering apartment in El Gotic is conveniently located for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Most of the metro stations have lifts, and local bars and cafes tend to have ramps, as do buses in Barcelona. If there are any problems, the locals are happy to help out. Pavements are also ramped to make it easier for people using wheelchairs or scooters to navigate around the city.

Holiday rentals in El Gotic

Holiday apartments in the Gothic Quarter are meticulously furnished, decorated and maintained to a very high standard. Your living environment will be spacious and pleasant. The market for holiday lettings in El Gotic is highly competitive, so property owners do their utmost to make sure their units stand out from the others.

Accommodation in El Gotic

Holiday lets in the Gothic Quarter are fully furnished and equipped with all the linens, towels, plates, cutlery and other kitchen equipment that you might need. They often have their own washing machines, dishwashers and clothes dryers. They will have a fridge, freezer, often have a microwave oven, toaster, iron, ironing board and kettle. For entertainment, most accommodation in El Gotic has televisions, DVD players and internet access. If one of your group decides to have a quiet day or evening in, they won't be sitting on a hotel board with nothing to do but look at the television!

Holiday apartments in El Gotic

Staying in a holiday rental in the Gothic Quarter, you and the rest of your group or family will be living among the locals, people who live and work in Barcelona every day. If one of your party doesn't feel like sightseeing on a particular day, they can socialize with the neighbors. How often does anybody get to do that in a conventional hotel room?