Holiday rentals in El Born, Barcelona

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Holiday rentals in El Born, Barcelona

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Holiday lets in El Born

Lucky you! Your boss has decided to send you and a group of your colleagues to Barcelona, Spain, on a business trip. Save the company money and book yourselves into a self-catering apartment in El Born, one of the smaller neighborhoods that make up La Ribera in Ciutat Vella. The extra privacy and convenience will provide the atmosphere for a great bonding opportunity.

Intuition tells you that holiday rentals in El Born are expensive. How can you save money? It's simple. Many of these units sleep up to four or more people, so the cost per night per person becomes freakishly affordable. On top of that, each one has a private kitchen. This means you save on costly restaurant bills. Finally, because there are thousands of holiday apartments scattered throughout El Born, you should be able to find accommodation near to where you are planning to do business. That saves money on local transport costs.

Holiday rentals in El Born

With your own lounge and dining room, you and your group will be able to entertain your out-of-town colleagues to an impressive standard. The holiday lettings business in El Born is highly competitive. Property owners therefore furnish, decorate and maintain their apartments to a very high standard. You can gather together in beautiful surroundings for less money and have more privacy than you would in a public restaurant.

Accommodation in El Born

Everything you will need is provided for you. Your holiday rental will be furnished with all the linen, towels, plates, cutlery and cooking utensils that you will need. Most units have their own washer and dryer, as well as widescreen television, DVD player and internet facilities. Here's a handy tip. Get to know your neighbors right away and pump them for valuable local intelligence on the best places to eat, drink and shop. Stock up your holiday apartment early and you won't need to leave it unless you want to go sightseeing or check out the vibrant local nightlife.

Holiday apartments in El Born

Why would anyone book a traditional hotel or bed and breakfast when you can have all the luxury, privacy and convenience of a self-catering apartment in El Born at an appealing low cost. Living like a native, you will be able to soak up ambient culture and meet with your local business contacts on a level playing field.