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Luxury holiday rentals in Barcelona

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Barcelona luxury holiday lettings

Even the most straitened budget can enjoy Barcelona luxury holiday lettings, without needing to go into overdraft. There are always ways to save precious holiday money, and getting your Barcelona luxury accommodation sorted out well in advance can be one of those savings! Here are some purse friendly ideas – and being centred in the city is actually bound to be a saving, allowing you to walk around the beautiful historic city instead of spending all your money on transport!

Barcelona luxury holiday apartments bring you right to the heart of the city, enabling you to get nearly everywhere you want to go without needing to pay for bus tickets. If you do have a modest budget for transport, consider hiring a bicycle to explore a bit further afield. Having your base of operations near to the city means that you are more likely to be able to participate in free events and performances.

Free Museums and Exhibitions

Barcelona has many museums and exhibitions. Watch out for advertising signs, or pop in to establishments like the Museu Picasso to marvel over the accomplishments of Spain's most famous son.


Time your holiday with care, and book your Barcelona luxury holiday rentals in areas close to the site of festivals and celebrations. Living in the area of such festivities is a cheap way to enjoy the vibrancy and ebullience of Barcelona en fête!

Look Around

Opportunities are everywhere in Barcelona. Marvel over the wonderful street art by artists such as Joan Miró, linger over a coffee at a pavement café, and stroll through the ancient streets. Look out for the Mercat de la Boqueria: a massive food market bursting with drinks and foodstuffs galore. Many vendors will allow you to sample some of their wares before you buy – a great way to acquire new tastes and get your hands on some free food! Antoni Gaudi's wonderfully cheerful architecture is even more impressive in life than it is in photographs, so do be sure to visit the many streets which boasts his creations. It is from the work of Gaudi and others that so much of Barcelona has been named UNESCO World Heritage site.

Hit the Beach!

And of course – make time to lie in the sun and let your cares drift away as you sunbathe, bathe and people-watch on some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Your Barcelona luxury self-catering apartment is sure to be close to the beach, so that you can while away many peaceful hours in the sun.