Holiday rentals near Camp Nou, Barcelona

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Holiday rentals near Camp Nou, Barcelona

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Holiday lets near the Camp Nou

The Camp Nou is one of the most noteworthy sights in Barcelona, especially for the football fanatics and Barcelona football club fans among us. But even for those who aren't mad about football, a visit to the world famous football stadium and training ground of champions FC Barcelona is an interesting one. The stadium is located just outside the center of the city, and there are lots of holiday rentals near the Camp Nou that work out much cheaper than booking accommodation in other areas, perfect for those on a budget. The center of the city is very expensive, but in this area you can rent a fantastic apartment for half the price of a standard hotel room. There are a great range of different types of holiday lettings near the Camp Nou to suit all budgets and needs, be it a large apartment for a big family or group of friends, or just a one bedroom for a couple on a romantic getaway. Renting one instead of a hotel room doesn't just save you a lot of money, it also means that you have all the home comforts that really make a difference to your trip, like a communal living room to relax and watch a bit of TV together after a day of sightseeing. Holidays are all about spending time together, after all, and your standard hotel makes it difficult to do so. All rentals come with a well equipped kitchen with everything you need to prepare food and keep cold drinks and maximum privacy. You can save money by preparing meals or eating breakfast in the apartment before heading out for the day, and there is always a back up plan when nobody feels like going out to dinner one night. A great opportunity to sample local produce in the local supermarkets and learn a bit of Spanish cooking!If you are planning to see a match at the stadium, accommodation near the Camp Nou will be an absolute must and will save the hassle of organizing transport and tackling the crowds when the match is over. It's basically impossible to hail a taxi on the day of a match, and if you do it will cost a fortune. Booking something nearby affords you the luxury of being able to get there and back on foot without spending a penny.