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Holiday rentals near Grachtengordel, Amsterdam

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Holiday lets near Grachtengordel

Amsterdam is one of the Netherlands' prettiest and most charming cities, one full of history and monuments. For that reason, it is one of the biggest tourist hotspots in Europe, famous for its alternative culture, canals, architecture, eco friendly cycling culture and it's historical monuments. Because of its every increasing popularity, it is increasingly difficult and expensive to book hotels and accommodation in the city, with prices through the roof for just a room in a simple hotel or hostel. That's why many are turning to apartment rentals, and we have some great holiday rentals near Grachtengordel, the city's oldest canal district that can save you money and make your stay in Amsterdam much more comfortable. Amsterdam is a big city with a lot to see, which means a lot of walking, or, if you want to feel like one of the locals, cycling. It is one of the most cycle friendly cities not just in Europe but in the world, and getting around by bike couldn't be easier. As you can imagine, there are plenty of rental bike shops dotted around the city. In our accommodation near Grachtengordel you can safely store your rental bike after a long day peddling and chill with family or friends in the communal living areas. In the apartments you also have your very own kitchen, so in those days when you don't feel like heading out for lunch or you are just too tired to go out to dinner and fancy a quiet relaxed night in, you can cook or prepare your own food and try out local produce from the supermarkets. This is another great moneys saver. Remember, Amsterdam is expensive, so its always good to look for ways to budget. A great cheap family day out is to prepare a picnic in the accommodation and head to the beautiful Vondelpark, a fine example of the breathtaking nature the Netherlands has to offer.There are various districts in Amsterdam, all boasting different attractions. In the canal district you can see the Anne Frank Museum, and discover the fascinating home of the Holocaust victim and the Frank family. This is just a stone throw from our holiday lettings near Grachtengordel. There is also a Van Gogh museum for the art lovers out there. For monuments, head straight to Dam Square where you will find the Royal Palace, New Church and the National Monument.