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Gentlemen, queens, fish and chips

London’s always a great option

There’s a London for all tastes. From posh shopping malls to punk venues or royal ceremonies, there’s always a choice. Stop? Maybe for a cup of tea at 5 pm. Otherwise, there’s no stopping when in London. Whether on a family trip, with your friends or for a romantic escape, London is moving… 24 hours a day!

Concerts, exhibits, cheap street-food, sport venues… the options list is longer than the British Museum inventory. What you can’t miss is a british breakfast to charge your batteries before starting your tourist day. Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Camden, King’s Cross, Covent Garden.... there’s so many names you’ll be remembering… That said: always look right before crossing!

London is a shopping morning around Camden Town. London means having a pint in one of those great pubs and visiting multicultural neighborhoods which look like completely different cities.

It’s 5 o’clock tea… or not?

It’s 5 o’clock tea… or not?

There’s time for tradition, and there’s time for improvising. London lives around the clock, and there’s no need to rest at 5 pm. Fusion of styles, people from all around, ties, shorts, hipsters and Chinese restaurants. Would you like some tea as well? Whatever the answer is, what’s clear is that you’ll need a place to stay.

That said, West End, Paddington, Kensington or King’s Cross are just some of the areas that could fit you on your visit to London. In any case, you won’t escape from using the city’s public transportation system and cabs, if you are planning to see the basics.

A wish list for your trip to London

A wish list for your trip to London

There’s so much to do in London it is almost impossible to put in on a single sheet. Still, there are some things you can’t miss if it’s your first time in the city. If you are returning, you might want to give them a new try as well!

7 things to do in London

Museum time: old or new stuff? British Museum, Tate Gallery, Natural History...

A pint (or two): Entering a pub is also a cultural experience...

Shopping in Camden Town: vinyls, clothes… just looking around is fun.

Subway, bus and taxis: Transportation methods are one of the city attractions (and of course a necessary way to move around).

Selfie time! Make yourself beautiful in front of Big Ben or London Tower.

What’s up today? A theater play, movies, concerts… Choose and go!

Outside London

Outside London

London’s a huge city... but there’s life away from it! If you plan on exploring the outskirts or taking a day off the city, here are some great alternatives to use your time…

Stonehenge: Rocks and ancient mysteries of our civilization.

Windsor: Welcome to the Royal Castle.

Oxford: Where knowledge becomes an attraction.

Canterbury: Tales of a Cathedral in this city in Kent county.

Warwick Castle: A great castle in a historical town.

From palaces to second-hand stores

From palaces to second-hand stores

Wherever you’ll be resting your bones in London, you can’t miss one of the popular markets of the city like Portobello or Camden. And you can’t miss the chance to sleep in a traditional victorian-style building, or at least visiting one. What’s harder to get is a room at the Buckingham Palace, but still you have the chance to look, walk or run around Saint James Park, which is close by.

The center of London will keep you close to the National Gallery, Piccadilly, the Tower Bridge… in a matter of hours you could be walking along those postcards you’ve already seen so many times. If you want to sleep near the city’s heart, West End is the place to be.

In any case, London starts in each of the neighborhoods, so be flexible, look around and choose wisely. Mind the gap!

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