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Krakow is a university city situated in the south of Poland, and is one of the most important cities in the country administratively and in terms of size. In Krakow each year there are many tourists who choose it as a getaway destination as they want to get to know this less famous facet of Poland, as Warsaw is the most well-known destination. If you want to know this city the first step is to get the best rental apartments in Krakow which is very easy with Apartum.Apartum allows you to compare the prices of apartment rentals for your short stay in Krakow. The comparison tool offers you the ability to aggregate the best accommodation, according to factors that you value, such as location, amenities, number of rooms, etc.. This way, you will be able to select, without a doubt in your head, a place that will feel to you like your home away from home. Krakow  is a city that offers much to do for tourists. The old town, which is still intact, is built around Europe’s largest medieval square. One of the most important monument is the Wawel Royal Castle, which is for many, a symbol of the whole of Poland. Prior to happening in the capital,  Warsaw, this was were kings lived and were crowned. There are a great number of churches in Krakow that many have boldly compared to those in Rome. Since 1978, the center of the city was listed as world heritage by UNESCO. Rynek,  which means ‘’main market square’’  ( which, according to the Poles, is the biggest in Europe) is the heart of the Old Town. The center of Rynek houses a textile market, in which you can find all types of interesting and local souvenirs.Not too far from this area, you will fall upon the jew neighbourhood, which has become over the centuries, one of the most important jewish community on the whole continent, with its baggage of history. Another must see, from a cultural perspective is the 80 meter high Saint Mary’s Basilica. However, one of the city’s biggest attraction, is without a doubt, its nightlife. If you fancy spending your evenings out and about, in bars, and other entertainment spots, then this is definitely the place for you. Krakow being a student city, offers numerous ways to enjoy yourself, but not only for the youth. Enjoy an unforgettable experience whilst residing in the best rental accommodation the city has to offer. Once you have found the right options for holiday apartments in Krakow, enjoy a pleasant stay in this enchanting historical city.