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The Sava river and the Danube river join together at the banks of the charming city of Belgrade, capital of Serbia and former capital of ex Yugoslavia. It is quite a young and modern city that attracts an increasing number of curious tourists each year. If you would like to find the best options for renting holiday apartments in Belgrade, then Apartum is the perfect tool to find your ideal vacation accommodation.Apartum is a comparison site that enables you to compare vacation rentals, and it highlights the best quality and best priced apartments according to your requirements and desires, in order to make your stay in Belgrade as pleasant as possible. Once you arrive in Belgrade, you will not fail to be taken away by the greatness of its monuments that narrate the history of this key city situated in eastern europe.  The grandeur of the fortified Kalemegdan Citadel, located at the confluence of the two rivers (the Danube and the Sava), is astounding. Here you will be able to  encounter all types of antique guns and armories, and you will also be able to enjoy the breathtaking view on the city. Belgrade has been experiencing an increase in its international tourism since 2000, date after which the last war in what was once Yugoslavia ended and the diplomatic relations with the countries of the European Union as well as with the United States, significantly improved. Since then, the city opened itself up to mass tourism, especially thanks to all the interesting things its nightlife has to offer. One of the most popular areas of Belgrade is Skadarlija, well known for being the Montmartre of the Balkans, with streets that are a great reminder of the famous parisian neighbourhood. Another thing to see for any history buff is the mausoleum of Tito, the famous Marshal who commanded former Yugoslavia for almost 40 years. If, however, you prefer another type of architecture, you will be fascinated by the structured and orderly forms of the Saint Sava temple, the biggest orthodox church in the world. Apartum offers you a wide variety of all types of apartments in Belgrade, based on the most valuable parameters that you will have selected. The majority of the places that Apartum offers are situated around the city centre, making it easy to move around the city, thanks to its excellent transport network. Also, from Belgrade you will easily be able to travel to other important eastern european cities such as Zagreb or Budapest.