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1. What is Apartum about?

Apartum is the first comparison site for vacation rentals. We compare prices in more than 250 websites to find the perfect holiday home. Apartum is about saving money and time.

Why should I use Apartum instead of searching directly on the agency's website?

We are surrounded by millions of vacation rental agencies and they all have their own fees. Consequently, the same apartment can be published in several agencies but with different prices. Comparing all of the prices and offers by yourself is impossible. You need something more than a brilliant mind. That’s why we are here. We will do the hard work and offer you the cheapest option for the same accommodation. Stop wasting time!

How can you identify identical apartments with different prices?

We have created an algorithm (it’s a secret one, of course) that can identify these duplicated holiday homes with different prices. Searching for holiday rentals is now so much easier. You won’t have to spend hours and days comparing prices from different agencies such as Airbnb, TripAdvisor or Comparing is our thing and we are the best at it.

Can I find hotels at Apartum?

A real apartumer knows that hotels are water under a bridge. We prefer vacation rentals and that’s our only focus.

Does Apartum show the final price?

Yes, all our prices are final and are shown per night. However, please note that some of our partners could charge additional booking fees. Sorry, but we can’t do anything about it :-(

Do you manage reservations and personal data?

No. We are a comparison site. We don’t manage apartment bookings and we don’t ask for personal data. You just have to choose an apartment and we will redirect you to the partner and accommodation you have selected. They will be in charge of managing your reservation.

2. How does Apartum work?

It can’t be easier. First, you will just need to know three things: destination, dates and number of people travelling. We will come up with a huge list of prices and instantly bookable apartments.

You will be able to search for apartments with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, swimming pool or even one that accepts pets. When you choose it, we will redirect you to the agency, so you can finish booking. And that’s it! It really has no more secret than that.

Where can I find apartments?

ANYWHERE! You can find a place to stay anywhere in the world. From a chic loft in Manhattan, to a cabin in Phuket. Using Apartum, booking the best deal is easier than it’s ever.

I have chosen an apartment and you are taking me to another website!

Don’t worry! That is what we do. We are the first comparison site and our task consists in tracking hundreds of websites in order to find the best prices of vacation rentals. We don’t ask for personal data and we don’t manage reservations. We just help you find the best deal. You are welcome!

Can I find pet-friendly apartments?

Real apartumers love animals. We have activated an option, so you can easily identify the apartments that accept pets from those that don’t. Just to make sure, before choosing it, select the option “pets allowed” and you will only see pet-friendly apartments.

How can I contact you?

Let’s get in touch! If you have any question or you simply want to talk with us, send an email to [email protected]. We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We are available at any time ;-)

Something is not working on your website!

We wish these issues didn’t happen but they can happen. Please send the problem to this email: [email protected].

3. I own a holiday home. How can I offer it on Apartum?

Yes! Of course. If you own a property, start by listing it on all the agencies we work with so that it has more chances of being rented. You can do that here: advertise apartment.