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The city of Vienna, ancient capital of the austro-hungarian empire, is built around the Danube river, which also surrounds the capital of Hungary, Budapest. The austrian city is one of Europe’s most visited one each year, as much for its history as for its touristic attractions. If you would like to be part of those who get to discover this splendid destination, then you have to start by looking for the best holiday apartments in Vienna.Apartum is here to ease out your holiday rental search process. With its ability to aggregate and compare more than 300 000 vacation apartment all over the world, according to your taste, such as number of rooms or guests, geographic location, price, or by map view or photo view, Apartum can help you find your ideal short stay holiday home in Vienna. The Austrian capital really does stand out as a modern city because of how well everything works and functions : from the excellent public transportation to the services offered for tourists. It can also very well be described as the capital in Europe that possesses the most sublime artistry, thanks to the legacy contributed by artists such as Klimt and Kokoschka,  as well as the extravagant Hundertwasser house, without forgetting one of the world’s most famous and talented composer, Mozart. Vienna truly is a capital with international standards, coming even more dynamically to life at night thanks to its great numbers of bars and restaurants, especially downtown, and mostly frequented by young people, local as well as international. Walking through the center you will find the Hofburg Palace, the former imperial palace through the austro-hungarian period. This palace is the ultimate symbol of viennese royalty and elegance, and counts more than 2500 rooms.   Strolling in the center, you will be able to see the majestuous St Stephen’s Cathedral, an incredible and amazing structure especially due to its height. Every year, more than 3 million tourists enter this church and are fascinated by its breathtaking beauty. If you would like a bit of a cultural treat, you can visit the Museum of Fine Arts, one of the most important in the world, levelled with the Prado Museum in Madrid. In this museum you will find the works of art masters such as Rafael , Velázquez, Tiziano and Tintoretto. You could also have some fun at the famous Prater  amusement park, which is situated right next to the local football club stadium. The lovely old ferris wheel is one Vienna’s famous landmark. With its 250 attraction, and its extensive green areas full of cafes and restaurants, the Prater is a place where you will be able to let loose and enjoy yourself just like if you were a child again. If you would also like to enjoy a cultural and fun filled stay in the amazing Austrian capital, you should begin by finding the perfect place to stay, through Apartum. Not only will you save time through the website but you will also find the best home away from home for you in Vienna.