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Venice is one of the world’s most visited cities, and each year it is invaded by hundreds of thousands of tourists, lured here by its romanticism as well as for its peculiar architecture. It really is a spectacular city, built in a laguna and full of canals that go through the entire city. If you would love to get carried away by the magnificence of this destination, then what you must first do is to uncover the best options to rent apartments in Venice.Thanks to Apartum, your holiday planning experience has gone from tedious to easy. In just a few clicks, Apartum helps you compare the best choices of apartments to rent for your short stay, according to your desires, in beautiful Venice. The innovative tool that is Apartum compares between numerous flats provided by the different partner agencies, based on the filters that you will have selected, resulting in you finding your ideal apartment.   The incredible canals and baroque style bridges of Venice are amongst the top factors that make Venice unique, as every single tourist that visits wishes to breeze around the city in its famous gondolas. As the custom establishes, you can start off your visit in the center of the city, at the St Mark’s square, where you will be able to see the cathedral of the same name, and where a majority of tourists flock to the cafes, restaurants and bars. Lose yourself in the contemplation of the enchanting columns of the cathedral, and why not give in to a coffee break on a typical terrasse and contemplate the come and go of the  passer by’s and  the squabble of the pigeons populating the square. Continuing further along, you will fall upon the Doge’s Palace, the greatest symbol of power of the maritime Republic of Venice, which, during the 14th century, quarrelled with the town of Amalfi for mediterranean domination . Courtesy of all the fires that the monument endured through the centuries, the facade of the palace has various styles which makes it stand out. Not far from there, you will find the 4km long Grand Canal, that crosses through Venice, dividing the old town in two parts. If you desire to,  you can enjoy a nice little boat ride or gondola one that departs from the Grand Canal and ends at  St Mark’s square.   Romance and the beauty of Venice are reflected through the city’s 354 bridges. The most famous one is without a doubt the Bridge of Sighs, that, according to the legend, was named so as lovers that would pass under would sigh, then finally swear eternal love to each other. One of the most recent bridges is the Bridge of the Constitution, that was built by the spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, who is well known for designing the City of Arts and Science of Valencia. Do not lose a second, and find your perfect holiday home  in this magnificent city that awaits you. Bask in the romantic atmosphere that it has to offer by going through Apartum to find perfect and romantic vacation apartments in Venice, the city of love.