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Valencia, one of the most important port in all the Mediterranean, along with Barcelona, is also one of the most important cities in Spain. This city welcomes a lot of tourists of diverse nationalities every year, who come here to mostly enjoy the great weather that is characteristic of Valencia. If you as well would like to discover this enchanting city, you have to start by searching for the right holiday apartments in Valencia, so that your stay me be pleasant.Apartum stands out as the most interesting tool to compare and aggregate the best offers of short stay apartments in Valencia. Thanks to Apartum it is in fact possible to find many quality accommodation through the best agencies in the market. These proposed choices of apartments are filtered to suit your needs such as the price, size or location, thus guaranteeing that you will indeed find the ideal vacation rental in Valencia. Young, dynamic and diverse are some of the firsts words that come in mind when describing the beautiful city of Valencia, with its stupendous and huge beaches, as well as its enchanting old town. Strolling around the city center you will encounter numerous restaurants that serve the famous local valencian paella, a delicious culinary trait of the region. Once night has fallen upon the city, you will be amazed by the lively nightlife, especially in the centric area of Carmen, in which you can sample out the Agua de Valencia, a typical cocktail of the city. Carmen is equally interesting in the daytime, as you will be able to see the beautiful roman and gothic architecture, characteristic of the city’s edifices and churches. The one that stands out the most is the Cathedral of Valencia, ultimate symbol of the city’s architecture history. Different styles are notable in this church mainly through its doors : the baroque style of the Iron gate, the roman one of the Palace gate, and the gothic style of the Apostles gate. But the number one reason that attracts visitors is the Holy Grail : the chalice that Jesus used during the Last Supper, according to the legend, and that is now displayed inside the Cathedral. Moving along from the center, you can visit the City of Arts and Sciences, a complex of new buildings designed and built by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava. This ensemble of edifices is composed by five spectacular places : the Oceanographic park, the Umbracle, the Palace of Arts, the Museum of Science and the Hemisfèric. Predominantly white, each edifice of the Science City has a unique style, but as a whole they fit together in complete harmony. In Valencia, you will encounter a lot of different attractions to enjoy your stay in this unique city. But the first step towards a fully relaxing vacation, is to search and select the perfect short stay apartments in Valencia, and thanks to Apartum, you can do that in no time.