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The gorgeous city of Sitges is located halfway between Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and the city of Tarragona, known for its roman tradition. Situated right on the mediterranean coast, this city experiences an increase in the number of tourists that select it as a getaway destination, especially in the summertime. If you would like to be part of the visitors that get to have a pleasant stay in this destination, the first step to follow is to find the best options to rent holiday apartments in Sitges.Getting a temporary apartment in Sitges , based on  your needs and tastes , is very easy thanks to Apartum,  the comparison and aggregation service that lets you choose amongst the wide range of variety accommodation from our partner agencies . Apartum only offers quality holiday rentals, that are above all , adapted to your standards : once you have chosen the best option you will feel right at home in the best vacation rentals in Sitges and you can enjoy a pleasant stay. There are many reasons that make Sitges a city worth visiting, and one of them is surely the wonderful beaches. Even people living in Barcelona happily commute to Sitges on the weekend especially to take a dip in the crystal clear water before lazing around the white sands. The most famous ones are the Bassa Rodona Beach, the Balmins one and the Playa del Muerto (which translates to dead man’s beach), and who all stretch on more than 4 kilometers. But the beaches are not the only thing that Sitges can boast as it also has a charming town center, characterized by its typical modernist catalan art works. These art pieces have great architectural and artistic value.The one that stands out the most is the Bodegas Güell, an edifice designed by Antoni Gaudi along with Francesc Berenguer. The Maricel complex, the Casa Pere Carreras i Robert, the Cau Ferrat are some other interesting monuments in the vicinity to visit. Sitges also offers you various diverse cultural events. On top of the famous Carnival, the town is also home to the famous International Fantastic Film Festival, a world renown gathering that attracts a lot of visitors each year. In the city, you will find many local restaurants and bars, open all year round, and that are especially delightful in the summer, with their blissful terraces. Not too far away from the little town is the natural Garraf park, where you can plan a little escape and revel in the beauty and pureness of the flora. The nightlife of this enchanting little town is also noteworthy. The streets in the center are vibrant with life, especially in the summertime where you will fall upon bars and restaurants of all types on all the streets corner, where you will undeniably enjoy a typical mediterranean evening. If you would like to begin your vacation on the right foot in this precious little town, than beforehand, you should find the right accommodation. With Apartum, that process is no longer chaotic, and on top of that you get to choose amongst top quality short stay apartments in Sitges to rent, thus ensuring you that you will indeed find your home away from home in the enchanting spanish town.