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San Sebastian is one of the main cities of the north of Spain, and is one of the most relevant localities of the Basque Country, along with Bilbao. Its beauty is recognised by the many tourists that visit the city every year, all through the seasons. In order to enjoy the fascinating beauty of this precious place, all you have to do is to find compare and select among Apartum’s quality offers of holiday apartments in San Sebastian.Apartum is the innovative comparison site that helps you to aggregate the best offers for vacation rentals in the delightful little spanish town. With a listing of  hundreds of thousands of apartments across the world, Apartum compares these offers from our partner agencies, in your selected destination, at your chosen dates as well as with additional qualitative filters. The beauty of this city is best symbolised through its enchanting beaches : from the Kontxa beach  to the surf-filled Zurriola , all have splendid and unique bays, and are as perfect for taking a dip as they are for trying out windsurfing. These two beaches are situated a few meters from the Gipuzkoa square,  the heart of the city. The city is home to quite a number of beautiful edifices as well, such as the Miramar Palace, which served as the Royal Family’s summer residence. The Victoria Eugenia Theater is also a must-see as it is one of the city’s most eye catching monuments, where shows and exhibitions are staged all year round. Some interesting religious monuments to visit whilst in San Sebastian include the Buen Pastor Cathedral and the Santa Maria del Coro church. Further along, you will come across the outstanding Comb of the Winds, built in 1976 by the basque artist Eduardo Chillida along with Luis Peña Ganchegui. The city’s emblematic sculpture is in fact an ensemble of three clip-shaped separate steel sculptures that are embedded in rocks situated at the end of the Ondarreta beach. With the sea in the background, this is truly one breathtaking vision you absolutely do not want to miss. Whether you consider yourself as somewhat of a foodie, or not, you must try the pinchos in this cosy little town. Gastronomy is taken very seriously in this spanish region. You will be able to savor a multitude of mouth-watering and beautifully presented pinchos, made with local ingredients such as fish, sausages, vegetables, amongst others. And if you are keen on observing local tradition, you should wash it all down with a pint of beer. In the Old Town, you will encounter numerous places where you will be able to sample this special type of dish. If you would love to fully immerse you in a typical basque cultural event, the best time to do so is in august, when San Sebastian has its Great Week, which is a full week of nonstop celebration of the city and its history. To enjoy the best that San Sebastian has to offer, search for splendid holiday apartments in San Sebastian through Apartum, in the center of the little city, or closer to the beach if you choose.