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San Francisco is one of the world’s biggest cities, and one of the most populated in the United States, along with Los Angeles and New York. It is one of the most important locality in the state of California and each year it experiences an increase in its number of visitors. If you are thinking of taking a trip in this blissful destination then the most important thing to do first is to start searching for vacation apartments in San Francisco.Finding the best place to stay in San Francisco is very easy through Apartum , an innovative service that allows you to compare and aggregate the prices of apartments for short stays . Apartum helps you get a wide range of accommodations tailored to your needs, requirements and, above all , budget. In these houses you will feel at home and thus achieving the first step to enjoying a relaxing holiday . The reputation of this cosmopolitan city is linked to its vocation as a place of tolerance, as well as to the large number of valuable architectural work. These characteristics make it out to be the most european-like city out of all the american ones. San Francisco is also well recognised for the numerous hills that surround it as well as for its gorgeous bay from where one can enjoy the spectacular view, highlighted by the colorful hills and making it a pure delight for the sight. The Golden Gate Bridge is without a doubt one of the most recognized symbol of the city, being the bridge that connects the Pacific Ocean with the San Francisco Bay. The bridge has an orange like color, 6 car lanes, a sidewalk for pedestrians and one for bicycles. The two greatest places to see the bridge from are the Fort Point Lookout at the southern end and the Vista Point on the north side of the bridge Alcatraz is an island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, famous for being the former headquarters of the maximum security prison of the same name. The prison, scene of many movies, was known for the extreme severity, with which the prisoners were treated, and because it seemed impossible to even fathom the idea of an escape. Another popular attraction that you will able to use, is the historical and famous cable car, that goes through the city and takes you through the most interesting neighbourhoods. On leaving the city center you will find a peculiar place : Pier 39 . It is actually a mall, built on a pier in San Francisco which incidentally has become a tourist attraction, made famous because of the several copies of California sea lions that it has. The dock is located at the limit of the Fishermen’s Wharf, where there is a shopping mall, as well as  a lounge that projects videos in 3D and the city’s aquarium. For an unforgettable holiday in this beautiful town, you need to have the best choices of flats available to you, and find the lodging that best meets your taste. Apartum is inevitably the best starting point for a pleasant and enjoyable stay.