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Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, with its ancient splendor, courtesy of the austro-hungarian empire, is one of the most chosen destination of eastern Europe, along with Budapest and Zagreb.  Built around the Moldova river, this city stands out by the splendid bridges that cross it, and each year a lot of tourists can not resist the interest to come and explore its attractions, culture and history. If you as well feel the desire to discover this enchanting destination, you should begin by searching for the best holiday apartments in Prague.Apartum is the innovating service that helps you compare and select the best vacation rentals at the best price, in your selected destination in order to offer you the ideal getaway. Based on your budget, your preferences and standards. Apartum displays the best available flats in Prague, that will satisfy you and make you feel right at home. Prague is divided in two parts : The New Town (Nové Mesto) and Stare Mesto (the Old Town), home to most of the city’s stores, boutiques, attractions and activities. The Old Town has a district known as Malá Strana, which in czech means ‘’small part’’. In 1541, it was entirely destroyed by a huge fire, but it was rebuilt by italian artists and architects, giving it its actual renaissance and baroque style. Still intact to date, the Malá Strana is a little gem with enchanting squares, splendid palaces and romantic corners. The Church of St. Nicholas divides the district into two and the whole neighborhood is dominated by the imposing silhouette of the castle, which can be reached by climbing a number of hills. The castle, subject of many novels and short stories by Franz Kafka, a Czech writer - and one of the most important personalities of the Czech Republic, and whose former home is in Mala Strana - is at the top of the old town. It is quite a picturesque sight and has great artistic value.  The beautiful gardens surrounding the castle which you can visit for free will not fail to charm you. The great mix between baroque and gothic is unique to the St. Vitus Cathedral, in terms of architecture. But nothing else stands out in Prague as much as the imposing monuments in the Old Town, Stare Mesto, whose center is the old town’s square, where the famous astronomical clock is situated. Tourists always come and hope that they get to see it in motion. Choosing a holiday home in this area will be nothing short of delightful. If you love art, you can also lose yourself in the  contemplation of the splendid spires of the Tyn Church. Going further in your path of discovery, you will fall upon the old Jewish neighbourhood, where the community that lived there in the 18th century, build an incredible network with the medieval streets, making it seem like a enchanting labyrinth, where you would happily get lost. If you would like to enjoy as much as possible your experience, you first need to find the best accommodation to rent in the Czech capital. With Apartum on your side, you will undoubtedly select the best suited apartments in Prague and thus enjoy your getaway to the fullest.