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I love New York… of course!

Everything you’ve see in the movies is real, and you'll see it in New York

You’ll feel why New York is a 24 hour movie. All those yellow taxis, burgers to die for, a play in Broadway and a Knicks game. New York, never ending questions and answers, and a holiday destination to go once and again. Feel the power on top of the Empire State Building, see the people at Times Square and enjoy a margarita in a fashionable Mexican restaurant. New York is made for all and it has it all. Find your basecamp and discover a movie you already have seen in your TV or in the screen of the cinema.

Manhattan or not, here’s the question...

Manhattan or not, here’s the question...

Pizza, burger, Chinese food? You’d better recharge your batteries every now and then if you are willing to explore the city as needed. What you'll need to do first is choosing: Manhattan, yes or no?

Manhattan has always been the destination point for all travelers, but it’s not the only one, as there’s life outside of the island. That said: make sure there’s a good connection to Manhattan, wherever you are planning to stay. Once there, make sure you try a good pastrami, some dumplings in Chinatown and great ice cream at Little Italy.

Prices are not cheap when talking about accommodation in New York, but you can for sure find some cheap options when talking about transportation or food.

Manhattan areas

Midtown: Times Square, Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden… and many of those famous names.

Uptown: that’s where Broadway stands (don’t expect shows to be cheap), and also Central Park, Guggenheim or the Natural History Museum.

Downtown: Battery Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street....

Brooklyn: authentic New York life on the other side of the bridge.

Queens: museums, the Mets stadium and much more...

 I love New York… of course you do!

I love New York… of course you do!

Smoke coming from the underground, noisy downtown trains, baseball (Yankees or Mets) and a hotdog on your hand. New York will make you feel inside a movie while you are amazed by the Rockefeller Center or the Statue of Liberty. New York is the shape of Manhattan island, the life around Central Park and yourself wandering the streets and avenues.

Feel like a Brooklyn resident, cross the bridge avoiding tourists and cyclists and return to Manhattan, where everything happens, non-stop. If the universe would have a center, that must be Times Square. What’s clear: all those skyscrapers are as big as you imagine…

If you are not into crowds, New York city center might be a bit too much for your bones. Anyway, Times Square and Midtown are a must and you need to live them. If you decide to stay and explore a bit further, yellow taxi, Uber and public transportation will become your friends.

Life beyond NY

Life beyond NY

New York wasn’t built in a day. And a day is not enough to enjoy it at its fullest. Actually, a whole life wouldn’t be enough. But! If you still have time, energy and will, outside NY there are great locations to explore when around the city.

From the wonderful sights around the Niagara Falls to great cities like Washington or Boston, if you happen to have extra-time, make sure you visit them!

What to see away from New York

Boston: one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

Philadelphia: where Rocky built his legend.

Washington: the capital has lots to offer.

Niagara Falls: one of the greatest nature miracles in America.

Amish land: close to the city time seems to freeze.

An apple you won’t have time to eat

An apple you won’t have time to eat

And the question is… what will you be skipping when in New York? Reasons are clear: there’s lots to do, eat and enjoy. People from around the world, streets born to be filmed, all the food you can dream of… New York is a true classic, as classic are some of its sights and places.

9 to-do’s when in New York

Attend a basketball or baseball match. Knicks, Yankees, Mets!

Art in MoMa or any other -great- museum or exhibition hall.

Walk around Central Park.

Eat pizza, burgers, hot dogs… you name it!

Empire State Building, of course.

Move! Subway, trains and taxis are amusing themselves.

Leave Manhattan, and see more.

Watch sunset over the city. In Brooklyn, for instance.

Look out for movie locations.

See all 1973 apartments in New York