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Miami, city of sun and sand, stands out as one of the United States most visited destinations, and each year more tourists arrive in order to enjoy the multiple opportunities that the city  offers. Situated in the southern state of Florida, the city awaits you to come and relax under its palm trees.  To enjoy your stay to the fullest, begin by finding the best options of holiday apartments in Miami, which is very easy thanks to Apartum.Apartum is the service that allows you to compare and aggregate the best accommodation rental options for vacationing in Miami. Thanks to Apartum, find your perfect holiday home away from home, whether its is  a cosy central flat, or a villa on the suburbs, no matter your budget. Every single month of the year is summertime in Miami, as the city is luckily blessed with a great year round climate, which makes its beautiful beaches even more appealing to tourists, who may for a second forget that they are in Miami and instead believe that they are in the marvelous city of Cancun. Breezing through the even streets of Miami is quite a pleasant experience, even though the enormous city avenues are usually full of not only cars, but rollerskaters, and cyclers. Lay back with a refreshing drink on a sun filled terrace or on a beach bar, and take in the unique atmosphere of this city. If you are in the mood for a little escapade, you can visit the city of Orlando, with its world famous Disneyworld. Miami is not only limited to South Beach. Not too far from it, more up north, is Venice, which is a series of islands connected by 12 bridges with the most famous one being the Causeway, which was built in 1926, in order to connect the islands of Venice to Miami.  When there isn’t much traffic, the view of Miami  from this bridge is simply breathtaking. You will also be able to feast your eyes on the gorgeous and lavish beachfront villas of Miami. In the Coral Gables neighbourhood, the number of exquisite villas is countless , and most were built in the 20’s and 30’s. The area is residential, but is also home to the Biltmore hotel and the Venetian Pool. Tourist guides will take pleasure in  recounting stories of the mystery and the ghosts surrounding the complexes whilst serving you a glass of champagne. In Miami, the financial district is actually the center of the city. The skyscrapers housing the big banks are all located in the center. What you can also do during the day, is to go over to the port of Miami, and pass by the Bayside Marketplace, a small open air shopping mall with a view over the port, and where you will be able to find and buy a number of objects typical to the city. To enjoy this beautiful town, you need to first choose the best accommodation suited to your need. Apartum compares and picks the best holiday apartments in Miami just as you desire them to be.