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Your trip to the heart of Spain

Culture, food and real life in the very middle of Spain

Madrid mornings smells like coffee and churros in the morning. Evenings smells like calamares or callos. Madrid is a big crossroad, the beginning and the end of roads and paths to beautiful Spanish lands. A walk around the Retiro Park, a wonderful morning watching art in the Prado or Reina Sofía museums, a night at the theatre… People, tradition, culture… Madrid lives by day and continues by night. Bienvenidos a Madrid!

Madrid: Time for action!

Madrid: Time for action!

Madrid is the Spanish downtown. Cold winters, hot summers, art and culture. You’ll walk around fountains famous because of football celebrations, lovely parks and diverse neighborhoods. Save some time for shops, culture and authenticity. The only risk after visiting Madrid is that you might want to stay longer…

Shopping in the very special Rastro flea market, walking around Chueca or taking a picture in front of KM 0, in the not always sunny Plaza del Sol. Time flies!

Not to miss

Santiago Bernabéu: Real Madrid’s home stadium, a classic for football fans.

Puerta del Sol: that’s where New Year’s celebration gets crazy…

Plaza Mayor: sit and watch people.

Plaza de Alcalá: a classic sight of the city.

Casa de Campo: one of the city’s favourites green spots.

Museo del Prado: only Reina Sofía or Thyssen can compare to Madrid’s classic.

Gran Vía: theater, movies or Casino… you choose!

Madrid step by step

Madrid step by step

Center. That’s Madrid. Madrid winters are cold while summers burn your bones. Art, culture, football fans…they all have room. Madrid is Cibeles, Neptuno, Salamanca and Lavapiés. A city where some come, some go, some return and many stay.

Madrid season by season

Summer Madrid: it’s summer in the city! Madrid, as other similar cities, becomes a quiet and empty metropolis during summer. Locals escape in the search for beach and sea. Take the chance and make it yours!

Autumn Madrid: walk around the parks, while the winter smell gets closer. A warm cup of coffee or hunting for cheap books at the Rastro market.

Winter Madrid: it’s cold in the center of Spain, and Madrid is no exception. Winter time is perfect for enjoying some of the great local dishes as callos or cocido.

Spring Madrid: feel the first rays of sun in squares and avenues. Walking under the Madrid skies in spring, a great pleasure.

From Madrid to... everywhere!

From Madrid to... everywhere!

Madrid is located in the very middle of Spain. Take a train and you are South, grab a bus and you are North… and so on! It seems like a great starting point when visiting Spain. On the other hand, if you feel like exploring the outskirts of the capital, there are some great options too.

One day trips from Madrid

Toledo: a historical city to leave your imagination fly.

San Lorenzo del Escorial Monastery: a majestic memory of Spanish Golden Age.

Aranjuez: escape from the city’s craziness and enter the life of a palace.

Segovia: an aqueduct worth the visit.

All paths lead to Madrid

All paths lead to Madrid

Whatever it takes, any visitor should try and keep some time to wonder in the Prado or Reina Sofía museums. Very much advisable are also the green trees in Retiro park or the cultural vibes in Gran Via or Malasaña.

Madrid is central. And center is a great idea (not the only one) if you are searching for your basecamp in the Spanish capital. All the minutes and hours you’ll save, you will surely spend them well in one of the museums of the city or having a delicious and exotic squid sandwich. Or a Madrid-Atlético match, why not?

When looking for central accommodation, Gran Via, Plaza de Oriente or La Latina are good references. Also Sol or Chueca are. If you don’t mind being a bit further away, Moncloa, Salamanca or Atocha are also good areas to sleep.

From the alternative mood in Malasaña to the rich Salamanca quarter or working-class Lavapiés, Madrid has a great mix of styles for you to choose.

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