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Los Angeles, recognised as the cinema capital of the world, is situated in the extreme west of the United States, in the state of California. This city is the second largest in size and extent in the whole country, behind New York. A good holiday in this town begins with the searching and choosing of the best holiday apartments in Los Angeles.Known for its sublime natural beaches, such as the world famous Malibu beach, Los Angeles is an authentic paradise, full of palm trees adorning its grand avenues full of show-stopping cars. It is however more than common to find a lot of people skating, biking or skateboarding through the city. There is an efficient public transportation network as well although people prefer taking the taxi for greater distances. Hollywood is without a doubt the most popular attraction in Los Angeles, and one of the most famous in the world. It is the heart of the american cinema industry, and the world followed, with famous actors, directors and producers settling down in the hills at the north of the city, around the area where the true symbol of the city lies, the famous Hollywood sign. There is no doubt that many people continue moving to this city because of its warm climate, which is year-round ideal especially for beach lovers. The Beverly Hills district is not only one of Los Angeles’s most exclusive residential area, but also one of the world’s, and it owes its fortune to its proximity to Hollywood. However, the ambience is very pleasant and very calm, amidst the sumptuous villas and mansions that populate it. The whole vicinity, with its exclusive Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard, to the highest areas in the hills, and the estates of famous on screen heroes, without forgetting its  high class restaurants and hotels, really stands out as one of the most poshest in the world. The center of Los Angeles is where the main offices and shops are situated, and where you will be able to enjoy a pleasant stroll. The most interesting areas to visit, from a cultural point of view are undeniably the MOCA, being the Museum Of Contemporary Arts and also the historical El Pueblo of Los Angeles area. To enjoy all that the magnificent City of Angels has to offer to you, start by finding the right accommodation with Apartum in no time. Live like a star and find your own luxury home or apartment in Los Angeles.