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Trams, melancholy and cod fish

Travel back in time in the city of yellow trams

Start dreaming: yellow trams bringing you from place to place and from today to the old days of Lisbon. You’ll rise and shine, thinking of a delicious cake from Belém. First, a walk down La Baixa while locals shop at the Ribeira Market. What’s for lunch? Sardines or cod fish? Don’t miss the soup of the day! At night, listen to some fados in La Alfama. Get back on the tram, find your bed and feel nostalgia for a day that’s already gone. In Lisbon, of course.

Locals or travelers?

Locals or travelers?

I doesn’t take much time before willing to become a local in Lisbon. No wonder! Lisbon is a true beauty and the views from the heights confirm it. But it there’s one thing which competes with its beauty that's called food, and it is cheap as well...

Do you by any chance love cod fish? Then you are in paradise!

5 flavours, 100% Lisbon

Bacalao a bràs: a true city classic.

Pastel de Belém: a unique and widely imitated cake.

Sardines: if there are sardines, you eat sardines!

Porco à alentejana: a recipe from Alentejo, because pork also have space.

Caldo verde: it’s always nice to use a spoon.

Remembering your days in Lisbon

Remembering your days in Lisbon

Lisbon is one of those cities with a special feeling. Lisbon is fado in Alfama, nightlife in Bairro Alto. Lisbon is both melancholy and new times. Lisbon are yellow trams and the elevator at Sant Justa. Lisbon is Belém, Madre de Deus, and the Saint George Castle… Lisbon is the Park of Nations, a walk in Chiado and the deliciously beautiful library where Harry Potter was filmed.

A day in Lisbon will bring you melancholy, a quiet walk around little streets and the taste of a delicious cake. Lisbon means sadness, life and a great mix of old and new.

Lisbon neighbourhood guide

Bairro Alto: climb by foot or by tram and see one of the most photogenic areas in the city. Good views, nightlife and a great option to plant your basecamp.

La Baixa: Baixa means center. Shops, restaurants… La Baixa is the middle of it all.

Alfama: one of the coolest areas in town. Traditional and authentic.

Belém: away from the center, Belém is where the famous cakes come from. Don’t miss the monastery!

Park of Nations: Forget about tiles and alleys. The park was first opened in the 1988 EXPO. Wide and different than most of the areas in Lisbon.

Lisboa + Portugal, eternal love

Lisboa + Portugal, eternal love

Lisbon is great for a weekend getaway or for a long holiday. But if you don't have enough with Lisbon, there are also great escapes close by. A dreamy palace, beautiful coast, food destinations… Here some options to discover!

Great escapes from Lisbon

Sintra: walls, a palace and one of the classic tours from Lisbon.

Alentejo: What’s after the river Tajo

Cascais: the charm of a bay and the Atlantic waters.

Fátima: city of miracles.

Setúbal: honey wine and entrance to the Troia peninsula.

Bairro Alto, La Baixa, Alfama...

Bairro Alto, La Baixa, Alfama...

Baixa, Alfama and Bairro Alto are the most strategic areas for your visit to Lisbon. Lots of life, places to eat and authenticity await in each corner. You can also go for practical alternatives like Belém, Alcantara, Estefania, Salfanha or the Park of Nations.

Don’t you forget…

Listening to a fado: in the small alleys in Alfama.

Looking from up to down: check the roofs from the heights at Bairro Alto.

Eating: cakes, sardines, cod fish.

Amazing yourself with ancient tiles: they’re gorgeous!

Getting close to the sea: the history of the distant American lands.

Feeling like a monk: get inside and breath peace at the Monastery of Jeronimos.

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