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Where two world collide!

Istanbul is your passport to two continents, a thousand cultures and a million flavours

Asia and Europe. East and West. Istanbul is mixture of past, present, markets and mosques. Your entry point to amazing Turkey is also a beautiful city on its own. From Saint Sophie to the Blue Mosque, life bursts in Istanbul. Are you ready to live life? Istanbul is Taksim, Beykoz and Byzantium. Istanbul is the smell of spices and a tram lost between Europe and Asia. Istanbul, here we go! 

Mosques, markets and history

Mosques, markets and history

You will not sleep in Topkapi Palace neither in Dolmabajçe or Süleymaniye but you’ll be close enough. From Taksim to Kadiköy or Nişantaşı, Istanbul is full with colours, culture and history.

Pin some of the highlights before you leave: Sultanahmet, bazaars, Taksim square… Istanbul has action 24 hours a day. From the Galata Tower to the Blue Mosque, Istanbul is life and contrast all around.

Living in Asia and Europe at the same time? Istanbul is your passport to thousands of flavours and ways to understand life. Welcome to fascination city!

Spice up your trip!

Spice up your trip!

Voices coming from the Mosque turned into your alarm clock. Get ready for a peace which breaks into sounds and smells once you enter the Grand Bazaar. Find your cheap deal, be amazed by the charms of the Old Town and enjoy some of the local delicacies. Feel one more in a 14 million people metropolis.

6 wonders in Istanbul

Blue Mosque: a sacred building, a unique colour.

Grand Bazaar: everything fits, everything finds a space.

Sainte-Sophie: symbology, history and byzantine beauty.

Galata Bridge: there’s no bridge more popular in town.

Bosphorus: that’s where city breaks in two.

Basilica Cistern: peace and history in between craziness.

Treasures away from the city

Treasures away from the city

Istanbul is never enough, although it might seem even too much for your senses to resist. But there’s more to see also out of bounds.

Ready to escape?

Cappadocia: natural shapes any crazy artist would be proud of. Inspiring names such as Rose Valley or Kaymakli underground city. You’ll be shocked about this place.

Ephesus and House of the Virgin Mary: a visit worth the effort. Misery, legends and more than 2 thousand years history.

A cruise at Bosphorus: you’ll be staring at the sea, and then at two continents holding hands at one city.

Troy: there’s a famous horse (not the original one), and a city once surrounded by walls Homer turned into legend. Temple of Athena waits for you.

Prince Islands: misfortune brought princes there… but it is still a great place to enjoy sun and beach.

Bursa: a green city famous by its parks and forests.

Edirne: one of those cities once capital. Close to the borders with Bulgaria and Greece.

 A day in Istanbul...

A day in Istanbul...

Listen to morning prayers, walk between sellers and see how they recognize your origin as you pass. Walk close to the sea, between mosques… 24 hours is not enough!

Istanbul center is the best way to experience the atmosphere of bazaars and streets. If you are into accommodation hunting, Taksim, Sultanahmet and the Grand Bazaar are some of your references when planning your stay.

From Topkapi to Dolmabajçe and Süleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul waits out there, ready to show you culture, flavours and history. A place with passion to be passionate about.

See all 2854 apartments in Istanbul