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The croatian city of Dubrovnik, known as the ‘’pearl of the Adriatic’’, is one of the destination that has seen a great rise in tourism in the last few years. This place, situated on the dalmatian coast, opposite the coast of Italy, is, especially during the summer populated by many tourists, young and old. Recently, UNESCO named it as a World Heritage. You can enjoy a pleasant stay in this city after finding the best choice of apartments in Dubrovnik.The city, also known as Ragusa, is famous for its historical and cultural baggage that dates back to the time when the Romans conquered almost all of Europe. In fact, there are many ruins from that historical period, when the city was one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean. There is also evidence of Ottoman rule , thus giving Dubrovnik a certain distinctiveness, in terms of palace style, as well as streets and squares. Architecturally though, the city has a certain resemblance to Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital . Thanks to Apartum, compare the best prices for apartments and choose the one that best fits your standards , needs and budget . Once you have the accommodation you want , it will be a pleasure to discover the wonders of Dubrovnik. You can also choose to travel to other close by cities, such as Split, in Croatia. Once you have arrived in Dubrovnik, the impact of its walls is impressive : these 25 meter high outer fortifications are the most evident legacy of the roman domination. Roam around the wondrous old port of the city, and discover the beauty and history behind this landmark. Another interesting monument to visit is the Franciscan Monastery, which houses within its walls a roman cloister, that stayed well preserved over time. If, on the other hand you prefer going shopping, the best streets to do so are Prijeko and Ulica. History and museums lovers can immerse themselves simultaneously in the byzantine, russian and venetian art world at the Orthodox Church and Icon Museum, or at the late gothic styled Rector's Palace. This palace, that was built in the 15th century, famous for its imposing baroque staircase, hosts incredible classical music concerts in the summertime. Enjoy all that this splendid city has to offer, after finding the best temporary apartments in Dubrovnik, with Apartum’s innovative comparison service. Once you have selected your ideal apartment, from all the quality ones our partner agencies have to offer, you can relax and concentrate on the marvelous vacation that awaits you in the croatian city.