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The city of Bucharest, capital of Romania, carries great historical and cultural baggage dating back to the soviet period. This city, built around the Dâmbovita river, attracts thousands of visitors each year, thanks to the continuous improvements on the infrastructure and of the public services. Bucharest is situated in the southern part of the country, very close to Bulgaria and its capital, Sofia.The capital of Romania has, in it’s centre, the People’s House, one of the biggest tourist attraction. This enormous palace, built by the dictator Nicolae Ceau?escu during his long era of reign, stands as one of the largest building in the world. You can easily explore the city by foot as it is relatively small and not hilly. Thanks to Apartum, finding adequate holiday apartments in Bucharest, is now easy. Apartum helps you compare the best prices, places, according to your requirements, not only in a photo view, but also through a map view. Once you have selected your ideal apartment, you can enjoy a perfect getaway in Bucharest. From there, you will also be able to easily travel to other important european cities, such as Budapest. You will find that Bucharest , founded by the famous Romanian prince Vlad Tepes, still has an aura of authenticity and myth when walking through its streets. A must see in the city is, without a doubt, the Old Town , with its charming Old Court Church ( dating back to the 16th century ). In this church you can see beautiful and wonderfully preserved frescoes of that period. If you enjoy walking and shopping, the New Town is perfect for you . In this neighborhood, delimited by two major avenues , Balcescu Boulevard and Unirii Boulevard, there are many modern style streets and several squares. This part of town went through a radical change during the Ceausescu government , and today it still maintains its typical features, reminiscent of the Soviet culture. One thing that does stand out from Bucharest is it’s marvelous squares, such as the Revolution Square, where you will find one of the most ancient romanian landmark, the Kretzulescu Church, which was built in 1722. Walking through the city, you will encounter other smaller churches, of byzantine style, like the Antim Monastery, or the Stavropoleos and Spyridon churches. Finding the best apartment to rent during your stay in the eastern capital is key to having a relaxing and worry-less stay. Apartum offers you a wide range of fitted options so you can choose the one that suits you best.