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Barcelona craziest charm

Barcelona is much more than Gaudi, sun and Rambla

Barcelona, sun and fun, and culture. A city where good food and great times are granted. There’s a bunch of reasons why Barcelona is considered a Top destination around the world. Multicultural, vibrant and Mediterranean, there’s not enough with one visit to really get to know Barcelona.

From Gaudi’s crazy approach to Messi’s magic, Barcelona can’t disappoint you. The history of the Gothic Quarter, the majestic charm of the buildings around the Eixample… Get ready to go, and go again!

More tastes than you dream of...

More tastes than you dream of...

Variety is great. And variety is one of Barcelona’s signs of identity. Sun, music, neighborhood celebrations… From a piece of bread to midday’s appetizers, Barcelona is also a food paradise.

It’s not always easy to choose, as the offer is wide. But you have lots of chances to enjoy some of the great tastes of the Mediterranean while enjoying a truly Mediterranean city.

Food not to miss in Barcelona

    Tasting seafood in a good paella in front of the sea.

    Enjoying the great simplicity of bread + tomato: pa amb tomàquet!

    Trying multicultural food, from a kebab to hindu around Raval.

    Raising your glass of cava and drink to Penedès greatest treasure.

    Discovering tapas: it’s not just a southern tradition...

    Eating inside a market: cheap local products, fresher than ever, what you see is what you eat…

    Entering 1st class restaurants: check if a great reputation equals great taste.

    Mediterranean life for all tastes

    Mediterranean life for all tastes

    Coffee out in the sun? Seems like a great idea to start your holiday in Barcelona. Remember to use well your energy: days are long, and nights as well. Walk the Ramblas feeling the Mediterranean breeze, enjoy a vermut close to the sea and grab lunch around Raval or Eixample. Time flies, and night will be there before you realize.

    Barcelona month by month

      January: New Year in Barcelona is more and more popular.

      February: the Mobile World Congress is as huge as you can imagine.

      March: First-class sport turned into a world favourite marathon.

      April: Roses and books celebrating Sant Jordi.

      May: Music’s always coming back with Primavera Sound.

      June: Fire, cava and the shortest Midsummer night.

      July: When party happens in every corner.

      August: Festes de Gràcia are just memorable.

      September: Local tradition in the big city celebration, Fiestas de la Mercè.

      October: Architecture time at the 48h Open House Barcelona

      November: Chestnuts and panellets!

      December: Christmas Market’s coming... Santa Llúcia time.

      From Barcelona, and beyond!

      From Barcelona, and beyond!

      Barcelona has become a favourite global destination. Entertainment, sights, good weather… Barcelona is open, young and elegant, familiar and crazy at the same time. If you are into arts, food or party, you found a great choice.

      If you don’t have enough with the city (or feel like exploring a bit further), there are great trips waiting for you. Beautiful Sitges, Valls and the calçots tradition, the mountains in Montserrat or water sports in Costa Brava. There’s lots of it!

      One-day trips from Barcelona

        Sitges: small alleys, white houses, culture and beach.

        Montserrat: a magical mountain and a Catalan symbol.

        Costa Brava: beach, small towns, great food...

        Tarragona: remembering ancient Rome.

        Girona: a beautiful city full of peace.

        Valls: where famous calçots started...

          One neighborhood, one world

          One neighborhood, one world

          A few beers in Born or Gràcia and you’re all set for a party night or, tired? to get some rest. Tomorrow, Sagrada Familia, the harbour or a walk in the hills? In Barcelona, there’s a plan for everyone. Choose and go!

          Get ready for action quarters like Raval or Born, discover the fascinating buildings of the Eixample and enjoy the breeze in Barceloneta. Options are diverse and choosing your basecamp is crucial.

          Welcome to downtown: Get lost in Gòtic Quarter or Raval.

          Arty-times: Admiring Gaudi’s genius in Sagrada Familia, casa Batlló or Park Güell.

          Central and comfortable: walk the squared-shaped blocks in Eixample.

          Practical spirit: Sants and Poble Sec, close but far.

          Out in the streets: Born and Gràcia mean life, terraces, and fun.

          A town in the city: Sant Andreu or Horta seem more small villages lost in the city.

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